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Seeking Entertainment

Posted on Sun Nov 4th, 2018 @ 9:03pm by Captain Rueben Gregnol & Mazzin Vayri
Edited on on Tue Nov 27th, 2018 @ 12:11am

Mission: Shattered
Location: ISS Fenrir
Timeline: MD02 20:00

Mercia wandered through the halls of the ship, looking for something to entertain herself. Most people scurried out of her way not wanting her attention, which was a shame, she was a fascinating person and she wasn’t out to kill EVERYONE! She entered the near-empty lounge and looked around before she spotted a trill she never saw before. Trills were interesting. She smiled and headed over to the table. “I’m Mercia Kavi. of anyone on this ship, it's me you want to make friends with,” she said.

Vriaral looked up from the beer he had been looking at intently and took the woman in. He certainly liked redheads but this woman had a little more about her especially as she introduced herself so frontly to him. Wasn’t often that a Terran did that at all. “I am not sure you are a friend I need Ms Kavi.” The man said smirking.

She sat down without asking, “Oh honey. Everyone needs me as a friend, otherwise I become their enemy, and I am a hell of an enemy.” she said. She snapped her finger at the bar demanding a beer be sent her way. “I don’t often meet new trills.” she grinned. “Where are you from?”

“Trill Homeworld.” He snorted at her softly. “That is because we don’t enter Imperial Starfleet unless we are made to.” The man reminded thinking her adorable already. Some Terrans had that way of being superficial with the purebred complex they had. “I don’t need enemies.” He admitted.

“Good then we need to be friends,” she said. Her beer was dropped off and she popped it open before taking a drink and smiling at him. “What is your purpose?” she asked him leaning a bit closer, studying him intently.

“I have been sent from Gaman to fix your engines. Seems the Butcher of Betazed and his crew are stuck in space and need a little assistance.” He lied outright. His was a cover story as to why the ship was stuck where it was not moving. He knew full to well he wasn’t there to do anything other than look pretty. He could manage that well enough.

Mercia leaned back a little, “Ah so you’re a nerd.” she said. “I’ve got a thing for nerds and a thing for spots.” she winked before she leaned a little closer. “It's your lucky day.”

The older Trill snorted into his beer. “A Terran having something for spots. Never heard anything like it.” He muttered finally putting the PaDD down that he had been looking over down. This ship was nothing compared to Gaman it was like stepping back in time to look her over even if it was all fake.

“Really? Well. I’d be willing to count them.” she said. She grabbed the padd, “What are you reading?” she demanded looking it over. “Anything interesting? Hmmmmm.” she started to scan through the data.

“Are you an Engineer?” He wondered as he took the Padd back with a small smirk as he heard her commenting on how she’d be willing to count them. It wasn’t the first time that someone had offered that at all, normally young women who thought it was rebellious. “I don’t think we have the time over a drink.” He said dryly.

Mercia gave him a devious look, “Then we should grab a bottle, I’ll start counting, and you can tell me all about it.” she said with a wicked smirk. She was horrible, and she knew it but, it was fun. “Unless you have an issue with Terran and non-Terran interactions,” she said laying on a heavy flirting tone in her voice, running her finger along his arm. Either she’d entice him, or fluster him, either was entertainment for Mercia.

“Well, it isn’t banned anymore.” He pointed out looking down at her finger going down her arm. “I just wouldn’t have expected it from one of the Kavi sisters.” He said as he saw a Vulcan watching them intently.

“I’m the wild one.” she leaned closer whispering. “Enforcer I am, but I sometimes… bent the law for the right entertainment,” she said with a conspiratorial tone. “My sister threatened to turn me in dozens of times.” she laughed. “I threatened to kill her if she did so, we kept each other at bay I suppose.” she laughed.

The man smirked a little and leaned forward to grab his drink. “Not sure I can handle wild.” He commented on with a small laugh as he took a sip of the liquid. “I am just a simple Engineer.” He added with a small grin. He was nothing but a simple Engineer. Not everyone passed muster for the admiral's ship.

Mercia let out a bit of a humph, “See to be good at my job I read people. There is more to you, I’d stake my crystal vibroblade on it.” she added. “You are more and I’m dying to know,” she said with a challenging look.

“Ensign Tru to Lieutenant Tabaal.” A voice came out from his comm badge. Vriaral touched it in a familiar gesture.

“Tabaal here?” The man said rolling his eyes.

“The Chief Engineer will see you now.” The man said before cutting the call. It wasn’t like he had a choice to not go now with the Ensign cutting the call.

Mercia cast the man a smile, “Saved by the bell.” she winked. She stood up and leaned closer, “I’ll see you again soon.” she said with a low voice. She pulled back and took her drink and sauntered away looking for something else to entertain her for a while, but she certainly was curious about this man, and fully planned to see him again.

Lieutenant Mercia Kavi
Security Officer
ISS Fenrir
(PNPC Mazzin)

Lieutenant Vriaral Tabaal
Assistant Engineering Officer
ISS Gamon
(PNPC Gregnol)


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