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Meet up

Posted on Sun Mar 17th, 2019 @ 9:03pm by Captain Rueben Gregnol & Mazzin Vayri

Mission: Mission 8 - Shattered
Location: ISS Fenrir
Timeline: MD 02 21:00

Mercia was not content, as usual as the hour grew late see was looking for a distraction. She was never one to be able to sit still, even when she studied and read she had to have activity around, or loud music playing. It was the prime reason Tali got her own room rather than sharing like they used to. Tali was a much quieter person in general, more... normal. Mercia found it distasteful and saught chaos at every opportunity.

She wore little more than a high rise halter top and skin-tight shorts, enjoying the looks she received as she strolled down the hall. The ship was quiet, as most people were sleeping, and just for the hell of it as she passed quarters she hit he chimes and moved quickly to the next corner. Sure it might piss a lot of people off, but it was unlikely anyone would realize it was her. If anything they'd wake up confused and not hear anything else before going back to sleep. Mild chaos, but internally entertaining none the less.

"You know security will catch you sooner or later?" A voice called along the corridor. Vriaral had been just attempting to find his temporary quarters when he had seen the room down the section ring someone's door and then run further along the corridor. How could she be so carefree at the moment when the ship was on constant blackout? He was still trying to work out why the ship was on the blackout, maybe he could use her to his advantage.

Mercia paused and looked at the man a cat-like smile crossing her features. "Oh, I doubt it.... even if they do what will happen. They will look at me cross-eyed? Most of them know better." she said as she sauntered towards the man, giving her hips a little extra sway with her steps.

The man grinned slightly and shook his head as her devil may care attitude. He had met the Chief Security Officer and he doubted very much that would happen but he left her to have her ideas. "I see... well I guess I must be going then as scary as you are."

"I'm not scary to those I like. Well.. that is not true, but I am maybe a little less scary," she said as she grinned up at him. "Are you one easily swayed by fear?" she asked him as she ran a finger over his chest.

"Me scared?" He laughed at the very question as he looked down at her finger. "You don't get far or to Assistant Chief Engineer if you are scared." You didn't survive in the Imperial Academy a week if you were scared by anything. "Do you get scared?"

"Never." Mercia said boldly. "Fear means death, even as a babe I understood that. I strike with fear... but it never strikes me. I would actually love someone to actually scare me." she purred. "An impossible challenge I'd bet," she said before flickering her eyes up at the man.

The man smirked and quick as a flash pulled the knife he had in his boot from the hiding position to her throat. For a split second, it looked like as it was pressed close he might finish the deed before he broke into a grin. "Not my style." Vriaral admitted putting the knife away. "At least not to women."

She smirked, "What a shame." she said. "I'm impressed, it's not often a man can pull a knife on me so quickly." She took a deep breath, "Would you like to join me for a drink? I would love to know more about your becoming Assistant chief engineer."

"Lead the way." He said putting the knife back into his boot to follow her. He indicated the corridor and her showing him the way.

Taking the cue Mercia looped her arm with his and strolled towards her own quarters. When she arrived she sauntered to the shelf where she kept her drinks. "What's your poison, I have a lot of options," she said.

Vriral walked over and picked on of the lighter bottles. "Seems a good of a poision as any." He admitted knowing it wa a bottle of bootleg

Mercia busied herself preparing the drinks, "Have a seat... tell me a little more about yourself, how you joined the Empire, why did you choose engineering?" She had so many questions, she was so curious about this man.

The man sat down on the couch watching the Terran preparing a drink for him surprised more and more by this situation. Terrans, unless they were low ranked never even bothered with non-Terrans seeing them as unpure. To the Trill, he was higher ranked than most Terrans. "Why not. Imperial Starfleet needs Engineers to keep the place running and I must be good to be on the admiral's ship." He had followed the man for many years now.

She lifted a corner of her lips, "Either that or they're setting you up to be a scapegoat when they need one." She said casually as she returned to the couch with the drinks. She handed him a glass and looked over his spots, she loved toying with freaks. They were so often ignored by Terrans that they soaked up her attention, and she had as much fun with them as she wanted before dropping them. She was a horrible, but as long as she enjoyed herself she didn't care. She took a drink and eyed him, "You know that they do that sort of thing."

"Ah well If I am gonna be a scapegoat I might as well go down smiling like an idiot, enjoying all life's pleasures." He said tipping his glass to her in a mock salute. "Oh, I know. It doesn't bother me Mercia. You think I don't know them or you." Vriaral commented on. He didn't need to play with Terran's to get anywhere in the Fleet, he did it on merit.

"Oh me? You think you know me?" she laughed. "No one truly knows me. I don't even know myself, so no one can know me wholly. Not even my twin. There are.... other ways to know me though." she said shifting a bit closer and smirking at him.

"I know your type." He whispered as she shifted a little closer. "Why don't you take that mask off for a little bit? Isn't it exhausting being like that?" He had never been anything but himself and that was exhaustive enough.

"I only know masks." she said quite honestly. It was about as transparent as Mercia could possibly be. "There is only emptiness behind the masks, I live in them and I am content with it." she whispered back, "Besides... Masks let me seek the most pleasure of the moment. I never fear having to feel guilt or consequences of my selfish enjoyment." she reached over and ran a finger along his spots. "doesn't that sound nice?"

"Of course it does." He said with a small shrug as he looked at her. "But not exactly anything substantial." He pointed out with a smirk as he moved her hair from her face.

Mercia tipped her head into his hand, "Who said anything about substantial? I just want to have fun in the moment and see where it goes." she said softly. "If something more comes of it, so be it. I have to find out if you're any good first." she grinned. She leaned close and brushed her lips over his, teasingly.

Vriaral grinned. Not exactly how he planned his night but it seemed it would be better than the guess quarters he had. It seemed it was the night for fun after all. He could break into Engineering another time, Sara hadn't exactly told him to be quick.

Lieutenant Mercia Kavi
Security Officer
ISS Fenrir
(PNPC Mazzin)

Lieutenant Vriaral Tabaal
Assistant Engineering Officer
ISS Gamon
(PNPC Gregnol)


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