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A Wicked Wind This Way Comes Part 3

Posted on Mon Apr 1st, 2019 @ 7:25pm by Dixoho Saa & Tasha Belikov

Mission: Mission 8 - Shattered
Location: ISS Fenrir - Brig
Timeline: MD04 11:25

Nathan had to admit he was curious. After the last few days and the emotional whiplash of his Dix being back from her mission and his Imzadi being so close he was conflicted. He found himself wandering through the ship until he arrived outside the cell of the women who was Dix just not his. He didn’t say anything he simply stood there.

Dixaho hadn’t seen anyone apart from people bringing her food since the strange man and the woman who looked like Selina had visited so the man just stood there suddenly surprised her. “Can I help you?” She asked quietly. She was pale and red-eyed and wearing a white one-piece jumpsuit that showed up against all dark colours of the ship.

Nathan laughed. “You have her spunk.” He said easily but made no move to leave his perch. She was just as beautiful as his wife but there was something, softer about her he couldn’t put his finger on. He felt bad for her, compassion was a weakness in his world.

Dixoho just started back. She was fed up of people treating her like she was some type of animal in a zoo. “Her?” The woman demanded before she coughed.

“My wife.” He replied. “She would be your alternate I guess.” He looked over her with concern. “Are you ok? I mean, I can’t free you so don’t ask but is there anything I can get you?”

Dixoho blanched if that was possible and looked him over. “The woman who has been living my life. I hope she liked it.” She didn’t comment that she had thought that her alternative would be with Michael.

“Yes, I guess that is one way to describe her.” Nathan moved forward slightly pulling over a chair. “I would say she didn’t take joy in it, but I know that to be false. She is a bit of a bitch.” He wasn’t sure where he was going with this but getting her a bit more relaxed wouldn’t hurt.

“And no I am not okay. Before I got taken here I was tortured I’m still suffering a little for it.” She slowly admitted as she sat up. “Happily married I see. Not seen anyone here who looks happy yet.” She had been here nearly three weeks now and no one looked happy they all looked like they were wary of it.

“Our marriage is one of...convenience.” Nathan started. “I offered her protection with no strings and she kept my bed warm.” He gave her a grin. “Happiness is not found on Starships in this sector.” He admitted. “Our purposes is to aid the Empire and enforce its rule...Happiness is for the rich and ignorant.”

Dixoho looked him over before shaking her head. “I think she offered you protection as well. You don’t exactly ring danger to me.” She muttered despite the uniform his words didn’t ring as 100 true.

“You aren’t wrong,” Nathan replied evenly. “One could argue that she was protecting me from myself.” He nodded to the man standing off to the side who brought in the tray handing one to Nathan and placing one into the cell. “I figured since I was coming at mealtime, I would bring you something to eat.” He watched her. He had grown up hearing the stories of the alternate realities. He found it fascinating and made him wonder where his alternate was.

Dixoho held her hands up as the security officer came in to give her food. It was decent food obviously not where the food she had been given recently came from. “Thank you. I guess I should thank whatever affection you have for your wife as well.” She hissed as they were left alone.

Nathan laughed. A low laugh. “There she is.” He grinned. “For a moment you almost sounded as lethal as D can be.” He plucked up a piece of food, swirled it in a sauce, and took a bite. “I wouldn’t bother giving food to my wife, she would assume that I had poisoned it or it was a bribe.” He took another bite. “I will be honest with you, I am not sure why I am here. Perhaps it is simply curiosity.”

“Ah, you wanted to see what they had in the zoo.” Dixoho rolled her eyes. “Same reason everyone else has come here. And that doesn’t sound like a relationship I want to be in at all.” She missed her friends and she missed Micheal, to say the least. It had been weeks and weeks since she had seen them.

“I don’t blame you for being angry,” Nathan replied. “I can only imagine what it is like to be taken from everything you know and” He motioned around the room they were in. He stopped talking for a bit as he ate more of his food. He watched her as she didn’t touch what she had been given. “Eating will get me to leave you alone faster.” He offered.

“I didn’t have a clue what was happening until I woke up. I was taken just after someone else tortured me because I stole maps from them.” The woman looked at him. “Well if knew where this was I would be better.” She took another bite before frowning at him.

“I would tell you where here is, but I have no desire to find myself in an agony booth.” Nathan laughed. He appreciated her attempt to get him to tell her. He may have a soft spot for her and her alternate but not more than he had for himself. “How is your lunch?”

“It is substance.” She said with a shrug as she looked him over. “It seems me and her both have for older men.” She admitted looking him over. She had never met this man before in her life so maybe he didn’t exist in her universe or he was on a much better path than her own.

“She has a thing for all men,” Nathan said with a bit more venom than usual that surprised him slightly. “But yes, it would seem that way.” He paused as he took a drink from his cup. “Have we ever met? I am assuming not based on the way you watch me.” He shrugged as he stopped speaking.

“I don’t think she has a thing for all men otherwise she wouldn’t have married. Trills believe in marriage in some form even joined ones. Is she joined?.” She told him putting the plate down as she looked him over again. “I don’t know you from Adam.”

“Not that I am aware of,” Nathan said with a disinterested shrug. “I am not sure about all Trill, but my trill will do whatever is necessary to get what she wants.” He couldn’t help the smile that crossed his face. “Honestly, I am surprised she hasn’t poisoned my food or slit my throat in my sleep to be with her Michael.” He grinned.

Dixoho felt her heart flutter at the mere mention of Michael. It was nice to see that they gravitated together even in this strange place. “Sounds like she is a woman who knows her own mind.” She said gently as she took a sip of the water. She was starting to see that woman were as deadly in this universe as the men.

“Without doubt or hesitation,” Nathan responded taking a sip from his cup. “She is lethal and single-minded.” He smirked. “I have to admit, I am curious how alike you are to her.”

Dixoho shook her head and shrugged. “I’ve not met her.” The woman reminded him. People kept coming there to see how alike they were but she was no help this wasn’t exactly a normal situation for her so she wasn’t acting normal.

That honestly surprised Nathan. He was sure that Dix would have come down here to at least see her. He smirked, really he was surprised she hadn’t tried to end her life but that would have required her death to serve a purpose. “I would strongly suggest against that ever happening.”

“I don’t know…” A voice called from the doorway and this universes Dixoho stood there in all her glory.

Nathan didn’t even try and hide his attention as he looked her up and down. “Hello, Dear.” He said smoothly as he plucked up the final bite of his lunch. “How nice of you to join us, I guess.”

“I suspected you might come down here after what transpired.” She commented on ignoring the woman for a moment. “You know she is sick right?” Dixoho added coming into the brig enough to let the door close behind her.

“See that slightly glowing thingy between her and I?” Nathan said with a roll of his eyes. “That is a forcefield and it keeps her on her side and me on my side.” He smirked. “I am sure we are safe.”

Dixoho rolled her own eyes. “I mean don’t get attached to having two of us around.” The woman commented on as the woman inside the cell stood up.

“You know I can hear you?” She commented on as the uniform woman finally looked at her.

“I know but I do not care.” The Officer commented on.

Nathan turned and looked at his Dixoho with a practised disinterest. “Why? Are you going somewhere, wife?” He teased with a devious grin.
“Yes.” She said simply knowing it was an outright lie.

Nathan watched her. He didn’t say anything and simply watched at her. He wasn’t sure but something in her simple answer spoke volumes. “Jealousy doesn’t become you, wife.” He finally stated taking a chance that she was bluffing.

“She’s not jealous.” Dixoho assured looking at her deadly counterpart. Something about her reminded her of a cat, the woman was a walking killer.

“Jealous is too strong of a word.” Nathan replied as he returned his attention to the Dixoho in the cell. “It is more of a..possession thing I think.” He smirked. “She doesn’t like that I told her I loved her but she doesn’t want me not too.” As he
finished speaking he turned his attention back to his wife.

The Officer glanced at Dixoho and spoke softly in a language the woman instantly understood and burst out laughing at. “Yeah… No.” The woman said. “Just have your domestic somewhere else. As she said I’m ill and need rest especially after being kidnapped by your wife and drugged.”

Nathan rose from his chair and approached his wife. She remained unflinching as he had expected. He gently stroked the back of his hand down her beautiful face before hooking her chin and tilting her head upward and kissed her. When finished he simply looked at her. “You heard her wife we should leave her to rest.”

The Dixoho in the cell rolled her eyes at the woman as she stood there and said nothing as she was kissed. “I did hear her.” She admitted. “but it doesn’t mean I have to listen to myself.” She added thinking that they did indeed need to talk.

“So,” Nathan started with a smirk. “You would rather stay somewhere you don’t want to be just to oppose yourself.” He let out a sigh. “You are an obstinate woman, D.” He grinned before taking her hand and dragging her with him. “Hope you at least enjoyed your lunch.” He called to the other Dixoho. It was always satisfying when a plan came together.


Lieutenant Dixoho Saa
Chief Navigator
ISS Fenrir
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Lieutenant Nathan Kline
Chief Operations
ISS Fenrir
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Dixoho Saa
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