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Escaping The Darkness Part 1 MISSION END

Posted on Wed May 15th, 2019 @ 2:22pm by Captain Rueben Gregnol & Chief Armoury Micheal Robertson & Chief Petty Officer Nathan Kline

Mission: Mission 8 - Shattered
Location: ISS Fenrir
Timeline: MD03 - 17:00

It felt strange to Gregnol to have someone other than Humphrey in the chair next to him. This man was untested but he was loyal to the fault which appealed to him, far too many people wanted to take him down in revenge or for the fact it would give them any ship they wanted but Gregnol had foiled many attempts. He didn’t keep Selina for her prettiness after all.

“Have you found that ship yet?” Gregnol demanded from the science console making the Vulcan look him over in the way they did so well.

“No, sir. Whatever they did before they were captured has made it impossible for us to find them.” The man answered making the Captain growl just a tad before he calmed thinking of what he had waiting for him in his Office now that Saa and Kline had owned up to where the border party that had put her when they had returned.

:::Shuttlecraft Alexandria:::

"Alright, Rebecca, once you bring the Punisher into the system, we shall use the distraction to beam the Mary Rose crew aboard. Remember, your only job is to get them all safely back to their ship. Once that is done, we have to buy them enough time to get back to their home." Micheal was carefully moving his doppelganger's shuttle along the ventral hull of the Fenrir. He knew it was only a matter of time before he was detected, however, he was almost to his target.

Understood, My Lord, Rebecca's sultry voice replied in the transmitter built into Micheal's cybernetic implants.

:::ISS Fenrir:::

Gregnol waiting impatiently as the Vulcan scanned still. He wasn't a patient man at all but he knew Michael and he knew that playing cat and mouse was part of the game. He probably should have just killed him years ago but it was always fun to have an adversary that just couldn't beat him or put Saa in the agony booth a few more times when the man decided to get above himself. That notion just wouldn't work now, though. He had chosen the woman's damn husband, and for whatever reason, he had decided as the replacement for Hump.

Ambition. That had to be what had led Nathan to believe that accepting the position of executive officer. What had he been thinking? He would have rolled his eyes at himself, but the thought that Gregnol would see it and think that the eye roll was directed at him. He had spent his career working on the agony booths and had no desire to experience that for himself. He waited and said nothing.

As the man finished speaking the ship lurched violently to the port, shaking everything and putting the ship straight about into red alert. "Someone report!! What the fuck just happened?!"

A young lieutenant, who was sitting at one of the engineering monitoring stations located at the rear of the bridge spoke up first. "Captain! The main deflector has been destroyed!! It looks like it was hit by a ship's phaser at close range!"

As Gregnol turned to demanded more information, the woman at tactical interrupted him. "The Punisher just dropped out of warp and is rapidly approaching us." Gregnol couldn't help but grin at the look on Saa's face as she realised the man was finally trying to take his revenge and that Gregnol wouldn't be so lenient in keeping him alive this time.

"He got our main deflector array sir. It has disabled us temporarily. We can't really move." The Engineering Officer said already hating the words that were coming out of his lips and where it could lid him.

"Get a weapons lock on him and fire away." Gregnol tugged his uniform down a little more as he sat on his chair.

:::Shuttlecraft *Alexandria*:::

After he hit the main deflector dish, Micheal quickly re-engaged the shuttle's cloaking device. He knew he couldn't stay hidden forever, but, he would certainly do his best to sting Reuben and hide. He moved the shuttle away from where he had fired, heading for his next target, the main impulse engine exhaust manifold. While the *Fenrir* couldn't risk going to warp with a heavily damaged navigational deflector, they could still manoeuvre on impulse.

Suddenly, the weapons systems on *Fenrir* lit up the space around the massive vessel. Micheal had to be very careful so as to not fly directly over a phaser emitter. At this close range, even a glancing blow would be catastrophic.

The shuttle's sensors beeped at him. He saw that his ship had just dropped out of warp and was approaching. He knew that at that moment, with the *Fenrir's*shield down, Rebecca was using the *Punisher's* transporters to beam the *Mary Rose* crew out of *Fenrir's* detention cells and back to their ship. He just hoped they had enough time to finish the job.

A few tense moments later, after he fired at a few of Fenrir's phaser emitters, disabling them, he received the message from Rebecca that the transport had been successful. Engage the Fenrir, fire at will! We have to give the Mary Rose time to escape!

Yes, my lord. All weapons coming online. Preparing to fire. The Punisher began her attack run on the much larger Fenrir. The two starships began to duke it out, with Michael's ship initially seeming to be better of the two, simply because she had no damage going into the fight.

Unfortunately, that was not to last. The Fenrir's engineers clearly adapted quickly to their dire situation. Not only did they get the ship's shields back up, but they also got some of the weapons that Micheal had disabled reactivated. The larger vessel got a lucky shot when a spread of torpedoes struck the Punisher, crippling her engines. The Fenrir began pummeling her opponent.

Moments later, after several torpedoes slammed into her unprotected hull, the ISS Punisher could take no more punishment and exploded, becoming a bright, yet short-lived star in this part of the cosmos.

Enraged, Micheal, still aboard his doppelganger's shuttle and inside of Fenrir's shield envelope, aimed the small craft towards the bridge. He would kill Reuben Gregnol even if it cost him his own life. He activated his impulse engines and pumped them to full power. Moving up along the dorsal spine of the larger ship, it would all be over in a few seconds. However, before he reached his goal, several tractor beams secured the shuttle and pushed him away from the Fenrir. Once he was outside the shield envelope, the tractor beams released him and every weapon system that was facing him opened up. He had just enough time to close his right eye and silently curse his foe before the shuttle exploded.


Captain Micheal Robertson
Commanding Officer/ Bounty Hunter
ISS Punisher
(PNPC Robertson)

Captain Reuben Gregnol
ISS Fenrir
(PNPC Gregnol)


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