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Escaping The Darkness Part 2 MISSION END

Posted on Wed May 15th, 2019 @ 2:22pm by Captain Rueben Gregnol & Executive Officer Valiyi Uhin

Mission: Mission 8 - Shattered
Location: Deck 1 - Main Bridge
Timeline: MD04 00:10

It was a silent turbolift as the Captain struggled to shake off the drugs that he had been pumped with to keep him compliant whilst in the cell being interrogated. Jeassaho had his arm around her as she kept him steady but no words were said aloud by anyone as the senior officers headed towards the bridge now that they had been freed from the Imperial Federation ships. No one wanted to speak about the death they had seen as they left or the friends body they had to leave behind to escape themselves.

As soon as the door opened they spilled out onto the bridge. “Dixoho get us out of here.” The Captain said as he moved at a much slower pace to the rest of the group. The redhead looked at the Captain surprised to hear her first name come out of his lips but she was going to argue when he looked the worst out of the bunch of them.

“Sir.” The woman said simply. She would have time to catch up with everyone once they were no longer in a desperate situation with the ship rocking every two seconds making it hard to move.

"Please make sure he's seen a proper medic as well." Valiyi cut in, gentle order at Jeassaho, as she sat at his chair. She sat herself firmly there, eyes on Reuben as he struggled to keep himself up. Her next words were pointed directly at him. "I believe I can get us out of here. You need to rest."

If it had been anyone else Gregnol might have taken offence admittedly and hauled her ass out of the chair but he could barely stand and the woman who had an arm around him was keeping him firmly where he was. "I need to be in charge of my ship." The man said as Jeassaho made a comment to try and at least get him to see someone. Who knew what type of sedatives they had used on him in between interrogations.

"And you will." Valiyi, who had all respect for Reuben, knew better than to think that they had time for an argument. Typically, she would relinquish the chair, but they didn't have time to assess the drugs in his system either. "But we need a ship for you to be in charge of. You give me fifteen minutes, and I will never sit in this chair without an order again."

The bridge fell silent as the ship shook violently again and Gregnol grabbed the Tactical console as no one was there. He sat down just as his Alternative appeared on the viewscreen. "Turn your engines off." He ordered his Russian accent so much more pronounced as both ships shook again.

The case of deja vu Valiyi was about to feel would linger with her for many months. "Excuse me, but there is only one man who is allowed to order me around while I am on this Bridge, and you are not him. I think we'll just take our leave of you."

"Yes, I can see your Captain slumped at your tactical console. It is like looking at a shadow of a man. Someone unworthy to even lick my boots." The Gregnol on the screen said looking at the crew with contempt. "Put a tractor beam on them now." The man demanded as both ships lurched to the left and the connection between both ships disconnected.

"What happened?" Gregnol demanded at the tactical console.

"The ship that was between the three of us seems to have blown up," Saa said as she took the hint to get the ship's thrusters working.

"Make sure to keep an eye on when that tractor beam is activated," Valiyi instructed, turning to Dixoho. "And once you get the ship in working order, wait till that last possible second to thrust right out of their range. If we have to utilize Starfleet's tractor beam estimates, do it." It was unlike Valiyi to give orders in a potential battle situation, pacifist as she declared herself to be. "If we upset him enough, he'll make another mistake. And then we'll have plenty of time to make our own escape. I've received a set of coordinates to an area that we can hide in until we can repair and regroup, from a mysterious source within that ship. It seems we have allies."

"Very unusual especially with how they have treated us," Rueben said as he pressed a few controls on the tactical display before Jeassaho tapped his hand and moved him away taking the console herself. She had seen him to it enough over the years and seeing the man couldn't even see straight it made no sense for him to be there.

"I'm not questioning it if it gets us out of this mess all the faster." As Jeassaho took over the console, Valiyi stood from the seat, eyes on the viewport and the scene in front of them. "That smaller ship, could we use the rubble to interfere with their tractor beams as well?"

"I don't know but I will give it a good try." Jeassaho called. As Dixoho was about to fire up the thrusters to get them the hell out of there the ship lurched hard to left again but this time he kept vibrating for a few seconds before silence reigned on the Bridge.

"Someone report," Gregnol stated quite loudly as he sat on the floor from where he was flung. The Captain felt he was asking a lot of questions but no one was able to let him know what was going on.

Valiyi had braced herself against the Captain's Chair as the ship rocked. "You may have to wait a moment." Her eyes narrowed at the screen, before they zoned in on the light blinking on the chair. "... Dixoho, patch that hail through."

The woman at the flight control console looked back at the Communication console to see no one there and understood why she was being requested to do it.

The viewscreen shifted, as a voice cut through the hail. "I leave you guys alone for like three weeks, and you're all of a sudden disappearing to other dimensions and getting yourselves in trouble. Don't tell me some super starship is gonna come through all this, is it? Say no. I don't have any firepower in this little hopper of a shuttle."

Gregnol looked at the screen stunned for a moment before he looked at Uhin. "That is Mahone." The man said simply not sure what else he could say.

"Nothing has followed us through." Jeassaho quickly added as well as she scanned around them. They were by themselves apart from the shuttle.

"Good." Pause, before a sudden, "Wanna let us in? We're out power and I don't think life support is going to last us long."

Valiyi looked between the duo, before giving the still-blank screen a hard look. "... Reuben, I believe this would be your call."


Rueben Gregnol
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Jeassaho Kea
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Valiyi Uhin
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Alika Mahone
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