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Escaping The Darkness Part 3 MISSION END

Posted on Wed May 15th, 2019 @ 2:23pm by Captain Rueben Gregnol & Chief Engineer Mellicent Borden & Mackenzie Porter & Alika Mahone

Mission: Mission 8 - Shattered
Location: Deck 1 - Captain Officer
Timeline: MD04 01:10


Mel folded her arms behind her back as their guest continued on explaining the long-term plan. It wasn't a bad idea, but Mel wasn't one to settle down. She didn't like the long-term. Long-term came with a whole set of problems; things like loyalty, duty, and authority figures. She wasn't exactly a team player and even less of an underling. Sure, then the task required her to work with others, she could. She gave a sideways glance to Mack, who seemed to be enjoying the idea.

"Tell me about this Grengol, again," she asked? "I can't say I'm sold on the idea," her mind drifted off to her father's last words to her. He demanded a lifestyle change, and while she didn't see a problem with her life there was a nagging feeling that she had to do something or risk losing the only parents she knew.

"He's cool." Alika waved her hand dismissively. "Needs an engineer, and you're an engineer. They aren't Starfleet, and I'd say you passed the test once you guys helped me get the ship outta dodge. I think it's the best idea. Come on, Melli, I was whatever he's callin' First Mate for the longest time. He'll love the endorsement." And, before either Mack or Mellicent could disagree, the Hawaiian was knocking on the slide-y door to Reuben's office.

The raised voices inside stopped at the knock and Gregnol called out for whoever was outside to come in and the door slid open. Rueben looked at the woman stood there with a mixture of annoyance and relief before the woman next to him cough knocking him to his sense. "Alika." He said simply indicating for her to come in.

"Boss." Alika spoke in the same tone, face serious. But only for a moment, as she stepped in, wildly gesturing for the other two to do the same. "I got you an engineer and ah.... I don't know Mack's skill set.... Security? We could always use more security, especially after you all got yourselves infiltrated. Who managed to get in so far to get the whole goddamn ship in another reality? Mm, doesn't matter." Alika waved her hand. "She's the one who helped me open up the way for you guys to come back. I think that's reward enough for a job, eh?"

Mack puffed out his chest, but Mel quickly deflated it. "Oh knock it off," Mel slapped his shoulder, " Mel stepped forward, "your guy here say you're looking for an Engineer, gave me quite a song and dance about this ship." She looked around, "and I admit, it's piqued my interest. My only question, what happened to the last Engineer," she smiled.

Gregnol looked at the woman stood next to him who had been arguing before this trio had interrupted it and sighed softly pinching his nose. He still wasn't recovered from the drugs that would in his system from being interrogated. "He disappeared into a million atoms due to the sabotage that led us to be kidnapped across the universes," Jeassaho said simply before stepping out. "Jeassaho Kea." She held out her hand to them unsure if they would take it or not.

"Mel Borden," the young Engineer took the extended hand still uncertain of what was going on.

"You were from that universe?" Gregnol asked finally once he got the introductions out of the way with the newcomers. It was the burning question that kept weaving its way back to the forefront of his mind.

Alika stepped around, ready to open her mouth when her eyes zoned in on his hand. "You're married! You got all married and you didn't even invite me, what the hell!"

Gregnol looked where the woman was looking at the wedding ring on the ring finger of his right hand and smiled sadly for a moment before glancing up at his wife who stood there patiently. "Yeah I did." He wasn't going to let it go but he would confront her later on. "Alika this Jeassaho." She knew Alika would know who the woman was from there many discussions over things but the woman who had been his XO had disappeared before Jeassaho had been kidnapped to the ship.

Alika looked from Reuben to Jeassaho, back to Reuben, and then to Jeassaho. "Alika Mahone. Consultant, shuttle pilot, one-third of the team who got you guys outta that hellhole.. Melli here's good with all sorts of stuff. She'll be a good help in the meat and bones down there. No Starfleet training... that I know of... but sometimes what we need is another set of eyes, right?"

"Melli," Mack smirked, "that ones going in the book," he laughed.

"Keep it up giggles," Mel threatened him. Mel looked back to the group, "it's Mel," she replied sternly, "and I never said I had no Star Fleet training, just that me and Starfleet didn't mesh very well. It reminded me a little too much of home and that wasn't going to work."

Gregnol was sure that all three of these 'rescuers' were going to give him a headache but he was just too tired to argue or discuss anymore. "I am guessing you guys all want to stay around for a bit?" The Captain wondered. "We need Engineers." It was as close as a job offer as the Captain was going to make but it was an offer.

Mel smirked, the man seemed really sold on the idea. She wanted to refuse, to run, to escape but the image of her father standing outside her cell, disappointment plastered all over his face, continued to play over and over in her head. She was lost in her own thoughts as she felt a rather forceful shove from behind. She looked over her shoulder as Mack nodded in the direction of the Captain.

Mel looked to her new boss, "well then we would be happy to assist," she forced a smile.


Rueben Gregnol
SS Mary Rose

Jeassaho Kea
SS Mary Rose
(PNPC Gregnol)

Alika Mahone
SS Mary Rose
(PNPC Uhin)

Mellicent "Mel" Borden
Newly employed Engineer
SS Mary Rose

McKenzie "Mack" Porter
Hired Thug/Bodyguard
SS Mary Rose
(PNPC Borden)


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