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New Year, New Start MISSION START

Posted on Wed May 15th, 2019 @ 2:24pm by Jeassaho Kea & Captain Rueben Gregnol

Mission: Mission 9 - Daucina
Location: Starbase 172 - Civillian Area
Timeline: MD01 22:00

He wanted to just sit and watch, to experience the warmth of the interactions around him, to linger in a sensation so distant and alien for him to name. He wanted to be part of that world again but his punishment was over. Careful to glance this way and that every so often, so his staring seemed less intentional and more like happy coincidence, Gregnol sat with his head resting upon his hands, his shoulders propped up on the cold, tiled table; his eyes taking in all the laughter and merriment as he ingested the burning alcohol from inside a dive of a bar whilst staring outside.

The woman who had been searching for him for hours in the spaceport quickly moved over and plopped herself onto his lap. “I have been searching for you for hours,” Jeassaho announced wrapping an around his neck while her other played with the beard he had been growing since the return from the other universe. He couldn’t call it the mirror universe as he wasn’t that universe at all, it was a completely different one. Something they hadn’t seen before. “Imazdi it has been six months. Her death isn’t yours to be guilty over.” The woman said as he didn’t greet her. She had her own demons from being held by her husband's doppelganger but she could see the differences.

“Of course it is. She was just a kid and she should have…” He paused the cry of pain going through his head for the millionth time as he remembered Resseem's death. The teenager's death had left a hole in the ship that was for sure.

“That universe was her home. It was going to claim her back with or without us.” Jeassaho whispered pressing her lips to his temple. “I am really not sure on this beard.” She pointed out softly. It tickled when she kissed him, and it was starting to show just how old they were all getting.

“I like it,” Reuben said softly as he nuzzled her neck to prove a point. “But you know it is my fault. If we had found the saboteur before that point it wouldn’t have happened.

“No. You know universes need to rebalance themselves. They need to right themselves it is physics. Her death isn’t on you at all. I need my husband back and your crew need you back to normal.” Jeassaho wasn’t going to let him sink into that hole again. The man opened his mouth to say something but Jeassaho kissed him softly much to the wolf whistle around them. It was easy to see in that moment that the bar he had chosen was a slum full of undesirables. As she pulled back she shot people looks making them return quickly to their drinks. She wasn’t going to a spectacular in some dive of a bar.

“She’s my wife.” The Captain said to the nearest one that didn’t look away quick enough for him. Jeassaho smirked and brought his face back around to look at hers. Moments like that made her forget all the chaos that they had been through to get to that moment. It was nice to just be them for a moment.

“Stop punishing yourself. It’s a new year… and a new start for the whole crew and ship especially now that we have some shiny new equipment thanks to our contacts. We have two weeks of nothing to do as our next shipment isn’t here yet. Let's just enjoy it.” She whispered thinking they deserved that at the very least.


Rueben Gregnol
SS Mary Rose

Lieutenant Commander (LOA) Jeassaho Kea
SS Mary Rose
(PNPC Gregnol)


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