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A 'Shopping' Trip

Posted on Mon Dec 2nd, 2019 @ 3:08pm by Alika Mahone & Tasha Belikov

Mission: Mission 10 - Temperance
Location: Daucina
Timeline: MD 04: 1203 Hrs

This was teambuilding, if anyone decided to ask Alika Mahone why she was randomly toting off members of the Rosie's crew. She expected to only gain the ire of Reuben, but so long as she was legal and not getting into trouble, she knew there wasn't much he was going to say or do.

Which simply meant he didn't have to find out about this little backwater dealing.

"So, we're agreed," Alika started, as they wandered down the alley of the colony's shopping district, "You're alright with this. At least this part. Then we can go do whatever." In her arms, she carried a small sack that she held close. "Also probably shouldn't touch anything or look anyone in the eye too long."

This wasn't the first time Tasha had been involved with more nefarious plots but it was the first time she had been off the ship since she had arrived. It was also the first time she had spent any time with the Captain's second in command. "This isn't my first rodeo." She muttered, a phrase Brandon used to say and it escaped her lips without much thought. "I will follow your lead." She said louder.

"Good." The young woman turned, knocking on the door they stopped at. It took an elongated moment before a small hatch opened up, revealing a set of beady-looking eyes, which gave the pair a suspicious, then annoyed, look, before the hatch shut again. Soon enough, the door opened to reveal the seedy establishment behind it. Without saying another word to Tasha, Alika marched herself right in.

Tasha was washed over with the scents and sounds that were so familiar to her. She couldn't help the grin that pulled at the corners of her mouth. She followed Alika as she moved through the crowd.


Alika Mahone
Secret Shopper
SS Mary Rose
(PNPC Uhin)

Tasha Belikov
SS Mary Rose


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