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Examining More than Tapes

Posted on Sat Aug 10th, 2019 @ 2:51pm by Commander Gavin Holtztenn & Lieutenant Alexander Pierce

Mission: Daucina
Location: Daucina
Timeline: MD 03 : 11:00 Hrs

Almost ignoring the others, Alex practically laid on the floor in order to get at the EPS conduit on the other side of the panel. With everyone separating, the least he could do was to ensure that internal comms were working before he powered up the consoles. With a soft grunt, he pulled away the paneling to begin his work. He would probably be cooped up in the Bridge for some time.

That was Gavin's cue, moving over to the young Lieutenant who was lying on the ground. "... Pierce," he began with a mildly stern tone, more curious than annoyed. "What happens to be your order of operations on this? Typically the console explodes before I see people on the floor."

Pointing to the console as he sat up, Alex could not help but chuckle a bit. "This console is powered down, my plan was to give it enough to turn on, my tricorder has enough to get the screen on without blowing it. Hopefully, the logs or sensor history will tell us something," he outlined.

"There's a thought." Gavin chose to sit himself down near the Lieutenant, more curious as to the results Alex would receive as opposed to the exploration of such a large and likely spooky base. It was eerie how abandoned it was. "If you can't do that with one, I'll get you mine as well."

"Well, if you don't mind," Alex started. After making an adjustment to the tricorder's connection, he continued, "See if anything comes up on that screen." A few more seconds passed as the man initiated the power transfer, "Anything?"

Gavin leaned over to watch the console screen, nodding to Alex. "It lit up," he stated helpfully, before he continued. "Looks like everything is booting up. This system must be older than most of our crew..."

"Easier to crack, but probably won't have as much detail," Alex pointed out as he joined Gavin at the console. The LCARs display was definitely old, one Alex had only seen at the Academy in a course on technological advancement. Trying not to butt in, he pointed to a particular command on the screen, then said, "There, older sensor logs and personnel files should be stored under here."

"You have more experience than I on matters such as this." Gavin pointed out, scrolling through the files. "They gave us a basic crash course in one of my old Security retreats, and another in Command, but it always boiled down to 'listen to the people with the specialty in the subject.' Hm... sensor logs are scrambled. Any luck on potential reports or ... 'odd goings on'?"

Looking over the list of encrypted files did not give Alex much hope in finding much. "It appears as though they were sending more energy than you'd normally find going to the Labs," he pointed out. Thinking aloud, he asked, "What sort of experiments would require so many resources?" It was a real shame that the logs were encrypted as they were.

"I wouldn't think so much experiments." Gavin pointed out. "Labs could be housing many things... maybe there's someone over there who doesn't want to be found? Or maybe someone's trying to keep someone in the Labs to begin with. With how this base is set up... if something is going on, it's going to be there. Either that or we're following dead ends and need to look outside the station for the local flora and fauna that could be giving us our readings."

"The labs are probably the best bet," Alex stated. Looking back toward Gavin, he asked, "Have communications been reestablished with the Cosmos? I'd feel a lot more comfortable with a little more security." With the labs being a big question mark, he was starting to feel rather uneasy.

Gavin frowned, pulling his communicator out. It would serve as a longer range device than his badge. "This is Commander Holtztenn to the Cosmos. Cosmos, do you read?" He paused, letting the silence take over, eyes on Alex with an obvious look on his face. He pressed the button, trying for a different angle. "Commander Agrax, this is Commander Holtztenn. Do you copy?" Again, silence. "... Odd. I thought we'd be able to at least get to someone on the same floor."

"There must be some kind of dampening field," Alex sighed. He then stood up as if saying that he was finished. Looking to Gavin, he added, "There isn't much more we can do here then. Should we check on the others?"

"We most certainly should." Gavin looked concerned, as he gave the communicator one more try. "Commander Agrax, this is Commander Holtztenn. Please-" Before he could finish his thought, a shrill cry echoed throughout the floor. Gavin's head swirled around with a start. "... Did that come from the direction the Commander and her team ran off in?"

“I think so,” Alex replied, replacing his tricorder to its holster.

"... Then we should go." Gavin did not wait for Alex to respond, turning the rest of his form to run off down the hall.

Reaching his hand to his hip to have quicker access to his phaser, the Chief of Operations began to run after Gavin. Something did not seem right, but his team could be in trouble.

Commander Gavin Holtztenn
Executive Officer
USS Cosmos
(PNPC Uhin)

Lieutenant JG Alexander Pierce
Chief of Operations
USS Cosmos
(PNPC McIntyre)


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