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'Warm' Welcome

Posted on Mon Aug 12th, 2019 @ 8:24pm by Chief Armoury Jake Ford (Mirror) & Commander Alexis Agrax

Mission: Mirror Mirror
Location: ISS Fenrir
Timeline: 2396

Alexis wasn’t sure why Gregnol sent her of all the Interrogators that he had to meet this new Armoury Officer. Did he want her still helping with the interrogation of the whole crew over how the prisoners got away from both Fenrir and Gaman, someone had to know something and without Selina she was now the most powerful interrogator onboard even if her life was as risk most days from the Chief Flight Officer.

Alexis didn’t want the Trills husband, she had been there and it was thanks to her abilities that the man no longer bothered with her, she had bigger plans and he didn’t factor into it and neither did there daughter. She looked up as the man approached her and frowned a hint of recognition crossing her features as she tried to work out where she knew him from.

Jake tried not to hesitate at the sight of the woman approaching him. The familiar rank insignia of an Interrogator. The likelihood that if she took a disliking to him meant a near-certain spell in an agony booth. He managed to grit his teeth a little as they finally met in the middle. He gave a standard Terran salute, studying her face.

"So the Butcher sent someone else to greet me?" he scowled. "Let's make this quick. I have things to do."

Alexis narrowed her eyes and tossed her long hair over her shoulders. She knew at that moment why Gregnol had sent her and told her to wear the pin of interrogator on her dress, it was meant to unnerve him and instantly had. She wouldn't be rushed by anyone especially a man. "Now why do you want to rush this Commander Ford." The woman wondered.

"I don't think the Captain would take kindly to his new tactical officer being delayed. He has a reputation to consider," Jake spat the words. He could feel a familiar tingle down the back of his neck. Like he was being mentally probed. A sensation he knew all too well from his time with Serra. "Wait - you're a Betazoid?"

“The Captain sent me. You have history I believe?” Alexis commented on as she looked at the man more intently. “Very observant Commander.” The woman asked as she delved in just a little harder than she had. After all there was no need to me coy anymore or sneaky about it.

"Why would you serve on a ship with him?" he frowned. "He murdered millions of your people. He took pleasure in it. Practically reveled in the bloodbath."

Alexis looked at him and raised an eyebrow as she looked around hoping no one heard his comment for his sake. “Have you been on your own so long that you don’t know?” Alexis demanded coming closure to him so only he could hear her words. “Betazoid’s don’t serve in Imperial Starfleet. We have two choice Inquisitors or the breeding camp.” Alexis hissed at him wondering if he had lost his mind.

“Is he bothering you, Inquisitor?” A male voice asked from across the shuttle bay and Alexis turned to face the Ensign with a smirk on her face.

“Would he be on his feet if he was?” She demanded making the Ensign squirm and hurry back to his assigned task. He didn’t want to spend time in an agony booth.

Jake made a note of the Ensign's face. He'd deal with that later. For now he focused on the woman in front of him and how she had made his composure slip. Maybe Gregnol had wanted him to meet her. Perhaps a deliberate taunt to force him face-to-face with his past. "I know what you Inquisitors are. Better than most." His mind flashed painfully with thoughts of Mia, wherever she might now be. "I questioned your loyalty, not your ability. Serving the man who butchered your world might bend those with weaker fidelity."

Alexis paused her delving as she tried to work out who his mind kept flashing to a Mia. "I bend the knee to whoever I please," Alexis said cooly not letting on that she had caught the memory at all. Who was she? "And I certainly do not tell someone I have just met who questions my loyalty."

His lips curled into a toothy grin. He could still feel her probing. Thankfully, being married to a Betazoid for so long had helped with some of his mental guards. She'd probably break him down if she wanted, but it would require a lot of effort on her part. "Fair enough." He leaned in closer, still towering over her head as he did. "Find what you needed yet?"

"Oh ages ago," Alexis said looking up at him. Men hadn't scared her in a long time, they normally bent to her will through force or for other means. There were reasons why she had been brought from the breeding camps to serve under Gregnol after all.

"Feels good, doesn't it?" he maintained his smile, his gloved hand brushing against her chin as he momentarily pondered the thought of wrapping his fingers around her neck and draining the life from her. Not now. Not here. Patience, he reminded himself. "You let me know if you want a more...thorough...interrogation."

"I am sure you will find me soon enough Commander." The woman said softly not missing his thought of killing her, he wouldn't be the first person to want to do that to her. She wouldn't be good at her job if they didn't in some cases but she was a good friend to have seeing she reported straight to the Captain.

"No doubt." He straightened marginally. "As chief of security, you will let me know of any potential traitors to the Empire." It was a statement, not a request. As much as he didn't care for her taste in commanders, she might be either a dangerous enemy or a powerful ally to have. "For the Empire," he added with a smirk.

The woman didn't reply to him just turned on her heels and left him, her heels tapping away as she left the man alone near the shuttle. She was pretty sure that the man knew now where he stood in the pecking order but it would be fun to see if he didn't.

Jake leered at her shape as she strode away. She knew the effect she would have on men. Hell, it was working on him. But again, she was just another bump on the road on his path towards Gregnol.


Alexis Agrax
ISS Gaman
(PNPC Gregnol)

Jake Ford (mirror)
Chief of Security
ISS Gaman


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