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Posted on Thu Aug 8th, 2019 @ 4:48pm by Chief Engineer Mellicent Borden & Rosalyn Slade & Chief Operations Tucker Youngblood

Mission: Daucina

Slade was enjoying exploring the ship. Most of the crew were gone, which left her plenty of time for snooping about, and snooping she did. Ships like this likely had loads of hidden holds and she found it a fun challenge to find them. She was crouched near a panel in a corner, pulling at it with her fingers, feeling certain one such hold was there. As it popped open she felt some minds coming her way. Hastily she pushed the panel back and scrambled to her feet but not before tripping over them.

"Gotta watch those panels, " Mel stated as she looked at the unknown lady. "They just tend to fall off... all on their own... at random. " She folded her arms, "its very weird. " She reached out a hand and picked up the panel, "you took it off, you put it back," she tossed it at the figure.

Slade made a face and pushed herself back up top her feet and grabbing the skewed panel. "I thought something was making a funny noise. My mums an engineer, I've been trained to look when something sounds funny." she said as she popped the panel back in. "Names Slade." she said standing back up. "I'm a doctor." she added.

Tucker was on his way down the corridor, he was heading through to check on something when he spotted the two women in the corridor. He heard the blonde mention that she was a doctor and he was going to slip by but something, likely the fact that they were both rather attractive, made him stop. He noticed the panel that was out of place but decided not to mention it for the moment.

"Howdy ladies," He said in his Texas drawl. "I've met Mel here, but I don't think we've met yet."

Mel looked at the man, "I don't think we've met before, Tex. But I am sure it's a pleasure, no doubt." She had no clue if she had met the man or not, his type didn't stand out in her memory. She turned her attention back to the guess, "well guessing from the way in which you took the panel off, I am glad your a Doctor. Cause, you'd make a crappy Engineer. Let's leave the panel removing to the Engineer and the bandaid placing to the.. medical staff." She smiled.

"I would have had it set up correctly if you hadn't come up behind me," Slade said as she turned and fixed the clips. "I know how to put things back together, it's pretty important when you practice on internal organs," she smirked at the pair. She glanced the taller man up and down and smiled brightly at him. Cute!

Mel couldn't help but look at the female's eyes, they were like nothing she had seen before. Too bad she's so young, Mel thought to herself, she's cute. "I do suppose that is a rather good skill to have," she replied, "so be honest what were you hoping to find behind the panel anyways?"

"I grew up on ships like this. I've never lived on a ship without knowing it inside and out." Slade said honestly. "Any crew is wise to make their own mental maps." she smiled. "I was taking time to explore, and that panel was curious, but there is really nothing there."

"She's a big ship and because so much of it is automated we have a pretty small crew," Tucker said with a nod. "It's good to know the ship you serve on inside and out, but if you look like you're tryin' to find something you shouldn't might just get you in trouble."

Mel nodded, "now we are talking my language, getting into trouble on ships tends to be one of my skills. Besides," Mel let her guard down a bit, "if you want to find more interesting panels, head down to deck twenty near the hydroponics bay, some interesting sections down here." She looked at Tucker, "whatever you do stay away from decks fifteen and seventeen and anything remotely tied to Operations.. so boring," she smiled.

"It's dreadful, unless you don't mind cold showers and meals with warm beer," Tucker replied with a half smirk. "Besides, you skip a deck on an old girl like this and you'll miss somethin' special."

"Hey," Mel gave him a look, "what's wrong with warm beer," she cracked a rare smile. "Something special, like the rust holding it together," she asked?

"You have to see the charm in a ship like this," Tucker arched one of his brows. "And if you like warm beer, I'm not so sure you and I are going to get along to well."

She laughed placing a hand on his chest, "honey, you and I aren't going to get along for a number of reasons, none of which involve warm beer."

"Well that ain't no kinda way to be," Tucker gave the woman a look, not sure what he'd done. "You really going to be that way with a man you just met?"

"Wooooould you two like directions to some private quarters?" Slade asked mildly, with a smile but put out by their flirting, she liked getting attention, and it wasn't on her now. When she was younger she would just make a lot of noise until one of her older brothers sat on her. "Cause if not and someone tall and good looking would like to show somethin special I might still be interested." she said before she blushed realizing just how that might have come off.

Tucker flashed the girl a charming grin as his laid on his Texan accent a little thick. "You said the name was Slade? That what I heard while I was walkin' up? She don't seem to like me too much, wouldn't worry much about her."

"So you're sayin' she's weak?" Slade said matching his drawl well. One of the men that worked on the ship she grew up on was an old Texan, she'd always been fascinated by his accent. "I ain't worried about anything!" she said stiffly. "But... I will keep in mind those areas you mentioned I should be avoidin'"

"Never said she was weak, just that she don't like me and that I wouldn't worry about her and I getting a room," Tucker said with a chuckle. "So what were you both up to anyway?"

Mel sighed, "I really don't know what I was doing but now I think I am heading to the Mess Hall," she added, "a nice cup of coffee sounds good right about now."

"Coffee always sounds good," Tucker pipped up. "Without it, mankind never would have had the energy to invent warp drive."

Mel looked back her comment about the mess hall wasn't a group invite but it appeared that she was getting a couple of tag-a-longs. "coffee, one of the more important food groups," she replied with a hint of a smile as the group left the corridor.

Mel Borden
Engineer SS Mary Rose

Tucker Youngblood
Operations SS Mary Rose

Rosalyn Slade
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