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Putting the Pieces Back Together...

Posted on Fri Mar 9th, 2018 @ 9:41pm by Ka'see 'Cassie' Anderson & Johnathen Anderson Jr

Mission: Liberation
Location: Cassie's assigned guest quarters.
Timeline: MD 05 12:00

After finishing his meal, Johnathen was taken to his assigned guest quarters. Before entering, he asked for the location of Cassie's quarters. After he was given the answer, he thanked the young crewman, then made his way to them, next door to his own. Upon reaching the door, he pressed the door chime, hoping that he wasn't disturbing her.

Cassie had barely made it to the bed before curling up and passing out. She was exhausted but the chiming disturbed it. Slowly she sat up and called out to the computer allowing the person to enter her quarters.

The doors slid apart, and Johnathen entered. "Cas?" He asked quietly. "Did I wake you up?" He moved deeper into the cabin, heading for the bedroom.

The woman slowly staggered to her feet wearing just the tee from her clothes that she given. It reminded her of NX class era flight suits but it was nice. “A bit,” She admitted.

A look of regret crossed the young human's face. He moved toward Cassie and embraced her. "Oh, sweetheart! I'm so sorry!" He turned her around and guided her back to bed. "Go back to sleep, my love." He then started to help her climb back into bed. And he held her blanket up, waiting for her to crawl back under it, he asked, "Um, may I stay here? I'll take the couch over there and let you sleep. I just... I need to be near you right now. I know It's silly, I just... I just really need to."

The woman nodded and slowly crawled under the blanket again. She rolled onto her back and looked at him. "I am fine. You are fine. Everything is fine." She said softly leaving the blanket up so he could come under the covers. "The Captain saved us." It was all that she could see over and over again was the Captain dying.

Smiling softly, Johnathen climbed into Cassie's bed next to her, holding open his left arm so that she could snuggle up against him. "Yes, he did." He was quiet for a few beats, then. "I still can't believe that we are all that's left. Everyone else that we know, knew, gone. All of our family and friends."

Cassie went deathly still and quiet as she looked at the man and shook her head. "My friends and family... they might not be gone. I might... have people." She whispered looking at him hoping he understood who it might be.

It took Johnathen a few beats to connect the dots, but then he did. "Your husband. Do you really think he could be alive? He'd be nearly two hundred now, wouldn't he?"

Cassie shrugged a little. She didn't know but it wasn't unusual at all. "He would be 175-ish." She shrugged at the thought but she needed to consider these things there and then when she just didn't know.

Wrapping his left arm around the woman he loved, Johnathen turned his face towards Cassie and gently kissed her forehead. Afterwards, he whispered to her. "Well, whatever you need to do, you know I'm always right by your side, my love. When we reach the next port, and Starfleet is notified of our survival, I'm sure they will send notifications to all surviving families. If your husband is on Vulcan, then that is where we will go." As he spoke the words, his mind raced ahead, worrisome for what lay ahead for them. It wasn't going to be good and it wasn't going to be pretty but they could stick together in an ever-changing time.


Cassie McAvoy
Time Refugee
SS Mary Rose
(PNPC Gregnol)

Johnathen Anderson Jr
Time Refugee
SS Mary Rose
(PNPC Robertson)


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