Our Future is vast...

Mankind has grown mighty and just on the shoulders of its ancestor's sins. Yet among the hoards of the enlightened, there are still those few men who succumb to the temptations of our past. While the application of Zefram Cochrane’s brilliance has been put to use, pushing our species virtues ever more into the greatness of space; these few have hidden in the wake of expansion, escaping their guilt, misconduct and reputations not only across borders but across planets.

Welcome aboard the SS Mary Rose, a pastiche of a ship hailing from an era bygone, past checkered and history dubious. In all rights, she should have been moored in a museum, stripped of her warp core, drained of her chattels and propped onto a pole, a lifeless husk on display. Yet the SS Mary Rose has a tireless manner of slipping through the tight noose of fate.

This simulation is based on the dark side of Star Trek, people living on the very edges of the Federation. We focus on quality writing and not quantity like so many simulations out there allowing the story to grow in our own way, letting characters and our community develop.

We are a multi award winning simm based in the Task Force 72 of Obsidian Fleet.

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» Crew Choice Award - Temperance

Posted on Sat Feb 15th, 2020 @ 4:28pm by Captain Rueben Gregnol in General News

Hi Gang

There has been some fantastic writing and a flurry of Jp's posted in the last week so please keep up the amazing work. As we are heading into the final stretch of our mission it's that time again to vote for Crew Choice award. This has not been done for a while and that is on me not being organised enough but I really think this is possibly the best mission we have had in our four years.

I would really like everyone to vote for this award and any other ones you think other members deserve. Previously I have made this a requirement but I do not want to force people to nominate I want you to nominate because someone has been awesome.

Please vote here.


» Mission 11 - Prospecting

Posted on Mon Feb 10th, 2020 @ 9:09pm by Captain Rueben Gregnol in Sim Announcement

Hi All

As you will have seen I announced our next mission as I was no longer able to keep it to myself.

Mission 11 - Prospecting

SS Mary Rosie is contracted to deliver cargo to a remote civilian mining colony, part of the cargo is actually illicit goods being smuggled to a non-federation species. Who is the owner of the goods and why are they smuggling them using SS Mary Rose of all ships?

Events quickly unravel when the Captain disappears in what seems like a violent struggle with blood found. What are the crew going to do with the illicit goods and how are they going to find Gregnol?

I want to properly get this mission on its way now as it gives us so many amazing opportunities to write on a new planet with a varied plot. We have prepared a mission guide ,

This is the mission planner where you can sign up for plots or create your own.

Anyone want to discuss a plot or have an idea please grab me and we can discuss. This mission will kick off officially March 1st.


» 2XO

Posted on Fri Jan 31st, 2020 @ 12:09am by Captain Rueben Gregnol in General News

Hey Gang

Travis has stepped aside as 2XO due to a perfect storm of stuff going on but we are very much keeping him as part of the family so please continue to bother him for posts. Tags are love after all.

But that means we need a 2XO. If anyone is up to the challenge then please dm me and we can discuss how crazy you must be.


» Happy Four Years To Us

Posted on Wed Jan 1st, 2020 @ 1:03am by Captain Rueben Gregnol in General News

SS Mary Rose was created over the Christmas period and I was originally the XO and two people took the Commanding Officer spot before I finally was like fine, I’ll take it. So, as I like to tell people every anniversary that Rosie was created as the big ben’s bell tolled to bring in UK’s 2016.

This new year’s eve means she is four years old and I couldn’t be more proud of the stories that we tell. It takes a lot for a civilian vessel to be sim of the year and we were that for 2018 bringing in the changes Obsidian Fleet has been working towards.

Long may us leading the change and the platinum standard.



» 'New' Player - Draia Theroh

Posted on Mon Dec 23rd, 2019 @ 7:43pm by Captain Rueben Gregnol in General News

Good Morning Everyone

I would just like to re-introduce another 'new' player who had joined us this week Brendan who will be playing our new AsstEngineering Chief Draia Theroh. Brendan has a huge haul of experience. We are super happy he has decided to come back and look forward to what our fully stocked Engineering department can get up to with this mission.


Latest Mission Posts

» Early Bird

Mission: Temperance
Posted on Wed Feb 19th, 2020 @ 11:06pm by Chief Armoury Jake Ford & Chief Helmsman Eden Bowers

Eden was awake really early the next morning. She let Jake sleep until about 0600 and then flopped down on the bed next to him, fully dressed. "I wish we were close to a planet so we could see the sun rise. Wouldn't that be lovely? A cup of coffee…

» Around The Maze Part 3

Mission: Temperance
Posted on Wed Feb 19th, 2020 @ 12:20pm by Captain Ledeya ‘Ed’ Ehestri & Chief Helmsman Eden Bowers

Lake opened his eyes. Something was wrong, his body was tense and anxious. He sat up ready to pounce into discover and protect mode when he noticed that Ledeya was sleeping peacefully in the bed. He'd had a fit of gallantry and insisted she stay there despite offering to let…

» Through The Smoke

Mission: Cosmos
Posted on Sun Feb 16th, 2020 @ 9:00pm by Petty Officer 2nd Class Halla Dezom & 1st Lieutenant Levi Drake

Halla was nothing but exhausted as she stomped along the promenade holding a container in one hand and her breathing apparatus in the other. It felt so far from the scient labs on 621 to her bed on Cosmos, it had never felt as far before. She turned as she…

» Pity The Fool

Mission: Mirror Mirror
Posted on Fri Feb 14th, 2020 @ 2:16pm by Alexis Agrax (Mirror) & Chief Armoury Jake Ford (Mirror)

"I never turned my back on her when she was Security," Vriaral assured with a smirk thinking it hilarious that the Executive Officer had a bodyguard that was an Interrogator. "So you don't need my help then?" He said trying to get back to the conversation about him getting into…

» Discussion Of Honour

Mission: Temperance
Posted on Fri Feb 14th, 2020 @ 2:09pm by Captain Rueben Gregnol & Chief Armoury Jake Ford

Zaza looked around the lounge of the Yeagar and frowned. He was following orders for them to split up and share ideas and stuff to get the ship at least moving and splitting profits but Ona did not say he could not steal some booze to drown out the burning…

Latest Personal Logs

» Sight is wonderful...

Posted on Fri Jun 14th, 2019 @ 3:07am by Johnathen Anderson Jr

Johnathen sat at the desk that he shared with his roommate, Ensign George Forrester (a good man who was currently on his shift down in engineering), while he thought about what he was going to say about the failed mission. There were many thoughts brewing around in his mind, least…

» So Many Eyes

Posted on Mon Jun 10th, 2019 @ 4:14pm by Chief Helmsman Eden Bowers

Eden had never been comfortable talking to a computer. She always did her personal logs as if writing a letter to her father whom she kept in contact regularly.

"Computer begin log." She spoke after she returned to her quarters having been directly released from Sickbay.

"Hi Dad. Just got…

» Glad to be Home (2246)

Posted on Thu Jun 6th, 2019 @ 8:27pm by Chief Comms Kendra McIntyre

Communication Officer's Log: Supplemental,

After our... ordeal on the surface of Nerinea IV, I don't think that I have ever been so happy to be back in my own quarters. A few days in Sickbay seem to have fixed whatever happened to me down there. I still have a bit…

» Meanwhile....

Posted on Mon Jun 25th, 2018 @ 10:30pm by Executive Officer Valiyi Uhin

The following is dated before the shore leave to Azzia...

To: -Private Receiver-
From: Valiyi Uhin
Subject: Whereabouts

As you may well be aware, my current position from Starfleet has been taken from me. The actions of the Apostles were seen as reprehensible, and while we had no power over…

» Status Quo has to Go.

Posted on Sun Dec 3rd, 2017 @ 2:48am by

"Computer begin log." The computer beeps letting him know its begun, it picks up some rustling of clothing, "Integration of dual personalities continues. I have found the new me enjoys flirtatious behavior. It appears Luxon was a bit more motivated to gain power and latnium to get multiple female companions.…