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No Longer Strangers MISSION END

Posted on Tue Apr 6th, 2021 @ 11:08am by Captain Rueben Gregnol & Executive Officer Jake Ford & Captain Kaylin Jaal
Edited on on Tue Apr 6th, 2021 @ 12:59pm

Mission: Railway
Location: Gregnol's Quarters
Timeline: MD 05 16:00
1179 words - 2.4 OF Standard Post Measure

Gregnol did not often feel nervous but inviting a woman to his quarters but he thought that he and Kaylin needed to talk properly and clear the air after the deceit they had pulled through trying to help. He had invited Jake as well but he was not sure whether the man would come to the discussion after everything that had happened.

People needed time and space to recover from the psychological effects of being someone else for nearly three days. He kept nearly falling over as he forgot his centre of gravity was different again but he knew eventually he would get comfortable again. The same could not be said for his crew who had, had a lot more interesting experiences than dinner with Liha and a wife who stood by him. He was still working on trying to work what everyone else had been through to damage control.

He stood from the couch the door chimed and he called out a gruffly come in hoping it was jake rather than the Fenris Rangers Captain.

Jake arrived looking not much better than the Captain. He still felt uncomfortable in his own skin, even after a few days of being back to normal, and as with the others his sleep as well as his appetite seemed to have been affected.

"Captain." He felt strange saying that to Gregnol, especially since he'd spent a couple of evenings with Eden in that body. Of course he could see the difference in posture and mannerisms, but it was still weird. "Looks like the refugees are all stable. Most of them should be able to transport over to the Thrai in the morning."

“Positive to hear. I was just about to ask Vinny for a report but I am sure the man is going to get bored of me soon.” The man nodded letting the man come in taking in his appearance. It was good to hear that the refugees were okay now, he could not imagine having to rely on an old ore mining ship to escape somewhere. It made him feel like he was lucky to be where he was even if his ship was not perfect at all. “How are…”

They were interrupted as the door chime sounded and Kaylin strode into the room. Her eyes flashed at the two men, a mildly amused expression on her lips as she registered their apparent discomfort. "Gentlemen - I believe I am now correct in using that term to refer to you both?"

"That's right," Jake nodded. She smirked at him.

"Well now. A pleasure to meet you both properly and in fullness of body and mind. No lasting effects, I hope?" she inquired.

Gregnol thought to say something but he dreaded to think what Eden had said in is body with the way the woman was smirking at Jake. “Nothing that time will not heal hopefully.” Gregnol said gently trying to now look at Jake. He indicated to the sofa for them to all sit. “How are your crew?” He inquired back quickly moving the conversation from them to her.

Kaylin took a seat, making herself comfortable. "No complaints. And no mysterious mind-swaps, either." She winked. "All things considered, I think our business has concluded rather well. No casualties, all of the refugees recovered. Better than many of our missions."

"This sort of thing happen often?" Jake asked.

"From time to time. Sometimes it's the Tal Shiar. Sometimes it's the broken down old tugs that shouldn't even be hauling garbage." She shrugged. "We Rangers are few and the work is plenty. It leaves little time for pleasures in between." She gave him a little pouty look. Jake found himself clearing his throat in mild embarrassment at her attentions. "In the meantime, Captain Gregnol, I obviously offer you the thanks of myself and those you have aided us in rescuing. I believe the human custom is that I 'owe you one'?"

Gregnol tried to keep the amusement off of his face but failed at the way the woman was looking at him and the way his Executive officer was shrinking under the Romulans gaze. "It is a good custom, keeps the cosmic balance in check." He soothed imagining it was not a place a Romulan liked to be. "I am sure one day the tides will turn and we will need the help. We shall see you in Freecloud in a few months, your blue-haired vixen invited us to a year-end celebration." Gregnol had found it hard to ignore the woman even if she was more interested in getting his wife there than the rest of the crew.

"All being well, we'll see you there," Kaylin nodded. Trust Indigo to make friends with these people, as strange as their experience of them had been. "Where are you moving on to?"

Gregnol offered an honest smile and nod. He could see the woman look almost amused by her crew member. He had his own version in Eden.

“Carry on with our delivery to Trill homeworld. We still have cargo for them.” It was as simple as that to the man, you carried on best you can. They still had a job to do and credits to earn to put food in their bellies and fuel in the ship. “Where are the refugees heading?” He suspected she would not tell him but he was interested in what was going to happen to them now.

"Here and there. I hope you don't mind if I keep that to myself for now," Kaylin replied. "It's...a Ranger thing. Knowledge is power - and dangerous in the wrong hands."

"You think we'll go around telling people?" Jake asked.

"I don't know you that well," she answered. "Controlling the flow of information, and who knows what is something I learned as a child. We have many enemies, and precious few friends."

"We don't qualify?" he asked.

"Not yet," Kaylin smirked. "But we're not strangers any more." She leaned in a little closer to the man. "If that dear loving woman of yours gets bored of you, there's always space on the Thrai for handsome men."

Gregnol nodded. He could not blame them, it was after all why they were a ‘underground railway’ after all. It would not be worth meeting points, secret routes, transportation, and safe houses if everyone knew about them all. “Perfectly understandable Captain.” Gregnol soothed. "I will pass that message onto Eden." He added giving the dear loving woman a name.

Kaylin's lips pursed, the amused expression still there. She pushed herself to her feet. "This will be a partnership not quickly forgotten. I wish you good fortunes in your future ventures, Captain Gregnol." She extended her hand, offering a handshake as Indigo had taught her.

Gregnol took the offered hand and shook it back. "I believe the sentiments are returned. Safe travels Captain." He said knowing this whole event had left him with a lot of thoughts on for the future and where he wanted to spend his time doing.


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