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Meeting Persis MISSION START

Posted on Tue Apr 6th, 2021 @ 11:10am by Captain Rueben Gregnol & Executive Officer Jake Ford & Chief Helmsman Eden Bowers

Mission: Stowaway
Location: Free Cloud
Timeline: MD -02 22:00
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Jenna smiled as she looked at the items that they were packing for first their trip and then the wedding on Betazed. It would be nice to be going home even if the planet was still in the process of rebuilding after the occupation. She just hoped there was enough rebuilt to make the jewel of the federation that again. The occupation had destroyed so much heritage and history but she knew her species were resilient why they prayed to goddesses and the great fire. Her species had been forged in the fires of shared experience; they could overcome anything. She turned as she heard noises in the back of the vessel they were currently going over and over to check they had everything in order. She turned to see Fezzik and the woman who they were taking to Betazed.

"Ah. Jenna. I was just putting together the final preparations for our...trip." Fezzik rubbed his little hands together excitedly. "Is everything ready?"

Jenna looked at the Ferengi and just smiled patiently. They had been together long enough that she knew not to take his questioning of her to heart. He was eager for profit and this would be the best profit they had made in years, all thanks to the woman who was stood there.

“You know better than to question if things are good or not Fezzik. The SS Mary Rose is ready to receive our cargo whenever we are available which should be in the next hour or so once I have done closing down the last container and preparing the statis unit. They are still here for another three days.” She mused. “And you dear are you all prepared?” She wondered.

Persis nodded, her head slightly bowed. Though she had resigned herself to her fate, she did not have to like it. "How long will I be asleep again?" She asked, meeting his eyes for the first time. She brushed a strand of chesnut hair out of her face and tucked it behind her ear.

"Not long! Not long!" Fezzik retorted. "Play your part and everyone else will play theirs. Of course, if you were willing to front certain protection fees, I'm sure we could make it a more assured delivery..."

"No," Persis said perhaps a little too loudly. "This will be fine I'm sure."

Jenna frowned just a little bit. She never liked this type of transport even if the payments were good, it was high risk especially with the need to avoid taxes from the Ferengi Commerce Authority or anyone else that wanted their slice. It was why she and Fezzik worked so well together, she offered something he needed in keeping liquidators away from them and allowed him to squirrel away assets for that rainy day.

“It is the only way and we all know it. Your new husband will be happy to have you there and we all avoid trouble that someone of your calibre can create.” She said reminding everyone why this was the only way.

Persis nodded, bowing her head. "Yes, you are right of course." She didn't know either of these people well but then she'd never been allowed to become close to anyone since puberty, for obvious reasons. "I just wish I knew who he would be, what he would be like. Then I'd have something to focus on during this journey."

"Hmph. If it were up to me there wouldn't be so many clothes involved. You females and your coverings..." Fezzik squeaked. "You should focus on making sure you don't bother the people transporting you. They're far less kind than we are. If they find you they'll probably want to kill you - or worse, demand more Platinum."

"Oh do not scare her. She will be unconscious for most of it." Jenna reminded rolling her eyes at the man and his view on females and clothes. "You will not even be disturbed until we get you out of the pod again on Betazed for Zuran and his family." The woman assured pointing to where the woman would be for the next few days.

"Wonderful," Persis responded. "Just a long lovely nap and this will all be over. I am ready, whenever you are. I want to get this over with." So what if she were giving up her life, she was doing so for her family. And she was sure it would not be that bad. He might even be a very nice pleasant man.

The Ferengi squeaked a little sound of approval and started unlocking the seals of the stasis unit. "Come on, come on! Step inside!"

Jenna just rolled her eyes and moved forward with gloved hands to avoid contact and offered a hand to help the woman into the statis chamber. "You will be fine. It is just like going to sleep." Jenna said kindly. The woman might be part of a smuggling ring but she could be treated with a little emotion and kindness.

Persis nodded. "Let's get this over with," And by this she meant the rest of her life.


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