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Cargo Received MISSION START

Posted on Tue Apr 6th, 2021 @ 11:10am by Nollel Livaam & Executive Officer Jake Ford & Micheal Robertson

Mission: Stowaway
Location: SS Mary Rose - Cargo Hold
Timeline: MD -01 09:00
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One of the jobs Jake figured he would be a little more free from as XO was securing cargo as it came in. As it transpired, he was wrong, but on the bright side he was less hands-on and a bit more supervisory now Michael was back up to speed to do that part.

Opposite him the 4-foot Ferengi merchant was shuffling cargo manifests between his pudgy fingers. Somewhat impressively, Nollel had managed to keep her cool so far with his chattering and demands.

"So that's sixteen crates of anaxian grain, four buckets of purified warp coil sealant, and one very special - but obviously very sensitive - container of sealed medical supplies," Fezzik the merchant sniveled, waving a small PADD. "Payment due on delivery, of course!"

Micheal watched over the Ferengi workers as they loaded in the cargo. He still wasn't at his peak, but, he no longer needed the wheelchair. He had ordered his deputies to make sure the visitors remained far away from anything vital or secret, especially the grotto.

Nollel stood there with a PADD in hand looking as perfect as usual. “Of course Fezzik.” She said with a polite smile looking at the man before looking at the willowy figure next to him. The Betazoid was an odd companion for the Ferengi but who was she to judge.

“She is aware dear,” Jenna said standing next to him with a bit of a strained smile. It had been a long day for them all.

Fezzik sniffed. "Rule of Acquisition number 69: Ferengi are not responsible for the stupidity of other races." His little mouth revealed a row of pointy teeth as he sneered.

Sensing that something wasn’t quite kosher, Micheal stepped over to the trio and, in his best Armory Chief voice, he asked, “Is everything okay over here, Nollel?”

Jenna froze as she looked the armoury chief over and nodded as the blonde spoke up before anyone else could as it was directed to her. "Of course it is Robertson. We are just going through the list of items for the cargo run from Freecloud to Betazed like the Captain requested." She assured with the smile still on her face. "So that is correct sixteen crates of anaxian grain, four buckets of purified warp coil sealant, and one container of sealed medical supplies." She repeated back watching as the rather large container was pulled into the cargo bay.

"Good good good..." Fezzik cackled. "Those suppliers are, ah - sensitive, you know. Under a very protective medical seal. Quite dangerous if it were to be opened. Lots of compensation would be required, you know, hmm?"

"I am sure the Captain and everyone else involved in the processing and movement of the delivery is fully aware of that from all the warnings that are on the cargo pod as well as how many times you have reminded us." Nollel promised making the Betazoid that was stood there snort. The girl looked young but there was certainly something about her that let people know she was not quite as docile as she seemed

Looking over the accumulated medical supplies, Micheal had a thought. Moving over to Nollel, he asked, "May I see the manifest, please?"

“Um… Sure.” Nollel raised an eyebrow at the request to see the manifest but handed it over either way. It was unusual especially as it had already gone through everyone else before it even got to her.

Seeing her confusion, Micheal grinned and added, "I know, I just wanted to double check something." He nodded his thanks as he took the PADD and quickly scanned over the contents. He saw what he was looking for quickly. Looking over at the Ferengi, he said, "Mister Fezzik, I see here that one of the medications listed in the medical capsule is Tripulminary Gabohydrolazine. Would you have any more of that particular medication? Our supply of it is low."

Fezzik squinted at the man. "Perhaps. For a price..." He sneered, sensing a business opportunity.

"We're not that flush, Michael," Jake interjected. "We're not getting paid enough for this job as it is..." he glanced at their contact in annoyance, knowing that the Ferengi middle-man had driven a hard bargain. In the circumstances, though, Gregnol couldn't be that picky about jobs.

"I'm sure you have something valuable you can trade if it's so important to you..." Fezzik continued.

Micheal felt frustrated by Jake's words. However, he was the XO, Micheal would not push the point. "Aye, Sir," he said, his tone a bit dejected. He handed the PADD back to Nollel. "Thanks," he said again, giving her a weak smile.

Nollel offered a bit of a bit smile back and went back to work giving Jake a look that spoke that he needed to have a word with the man as a bigger warning. "Do not tempt them," Jenna whispered to Fezzik as a reminder that they did not want the cargo disturbed whilst they left Freecloud another way to avoid authorities that would charge a fortune.

Fezzik just snorted. "Rule of Acquisition number 92: There are many paths to profit..."

"If that's everything, we'll be under way in less than 12 hours," Jake announced. He shot a look over at Nollel to get confirmation all was in order.

Jenna just glared at the Ferengi and his mutterings on the Rules of Acquisition he lived his life under. She would remind him when they got back to their shuttle why it was never as clear cut as that but for now, she remained tight lip and nodded at the Executive Officer. They all knew it was a bit dodgy no need to add to the awkwardness of the situation in her mind especially when the security chief of there’s looked mutinous.

Sensing how tense it all was Noelle quickly nodded. “Everything is good from my head to log with the authorities to allow us to leave Freecloud.” Nollel was not sure the watchdog would care but the Betazoid and Ferengi cared enough.

Micheal nodded as he listened. "I'll make sure everyone knows that this compartment will be off-limits during the trip, as specified in the transport contract." He started to move away, then paused, glancing back at the medical capsule. His gut was telling him that something wasn't quite right with the whole deal, but, the Rosie needed this job. Supplies were short across the board, and this mission promised to bring in enough gold pressed latinum to move several of their stores from red to black. Shaking his head, he turned away and left the cargobay.

"Good enough for me." Jake looked back at the odd couple. "Pleasure doing business with you."


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