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Waking Up In Wrong Time (Part 1)

Posted on Sun Mar 4th, 2018 @ 9:07am by Jasper Offermans & Executive Officer Valiyi Uhin & Johnathen Anderson Jr
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Mission: Liberation
Location: Deck 7 - Sickbay Complex
Timeline: MD 05 :: 07:00

Though he hadn't been present when the spectres had been released, Lhaes was present when they were all transported to the ship's somewhat barely functional sickbay. The Romulan pulled out his personal tricorder -something he claimed was left over from his Starfleet days- and ran the device over one of the patients. "Please explain this to me did you find them, and where again?"

Jasper caught part of what was being said and could hear the familiar sound of a tricorder being used. His eyes came open slowly and he blinked a few times before the image of his new reality. Drawing in a deep breath he remained down until he saw the physician mistaking him for a Vulcan at his first impression. The man was calm trying to figure out exactly what had happened that had brought him to a somewhat familiar but things seemed something had changed. Realizations of what had happened and he looked over bending his head to his right and saw another of those who escaped the horror if the cloud creature into the oblivion of the transporter machines memory banks.

Bringing his eyes back to the man with the tricorder he tried to take on a pleasant voice, "the Captain, Captain Sebastian did, did he somehow make it?" Though from his memory it would have taken a miracle.

"Easy there..." Lhaes gently held the man down. "My name is Lhaes, can you tell me yours?" The Romulan smiled at the man, hoping to make him feel at ease. "We don't know who you are. Can you describe this Sebastian for me?"

"Captain Sebastian," he's, he's the captain of the USS Ishimura. We were under attack by a cloud creature," Jasper tilted his head as he pondered what was going on, "I'm Ensign Jasper Offermans of the Federation starship USS Ishimura, 5379B5721MU7."

"Nice to meet you, Jasper. I can find out about your captain soon but right now you are my primary concern. You're safely aboard the SS Mary Rose, in my sickbay. Can you tell me how you feel?"

"A bit odd actually," Jasper relieved that the ships name was in Federation Common. He tilted his head, "so this is not a Starfleet vessel? How did you find us, I mean we, we all were in the transporter loop." He narrowed his eyes looking away for a moment as he pondered things, "how long were we in there?"

"I don't know..." He shook his head. "This is a civilian vessel. You should rest for a bit, maybe get some sleep. Maybe we know more when you wake up. I'll run some scans while you sleep, is that alright?" He smiled in encouragement, a clear indication he was not Vulcan.

"No, it's not alright," Jasper's brown eyes widened and he did his best to get out of the bio bed, "you're not Vulcan.... that means..." He glanced around at the others still seemingly unconscious, "you're not getting any more out of me Doc."

Hal groggily, and gradually woke up just to hear Jasper say "not Vulcan." To Hal that could only mean one thing, and he hoped he was wrong. "W..where am I?" he stammered out. he looked over to actually see Jasper, which provided Instant relief. Although he really didn't know what to make of the "not Vucan comment" he made the logical assumption. "R..romulan?!"

"Yes, I am Romulan," Lhaes confirmed. There was no point in lying here. "You are on the SS Mary Rose sir. I am Doctor Lhaes Sommers. You are safe here, I promise you."

Cate entered the sickbay, observing all the new patients. She’d heard the commotion of Jasper refusing to let Lhaes help him, and then some excitement as his race was announced “O..Kay...” she smiled, realizing that the tension in the room had quickly risen “I’m Cate...Dr. Cate O’Malley...” the blonde introduced herself “I see you’re waking up.” She smiled sweetly “Dr. Sommers here is an excellent physician and you need to be looked over.” She sighed. She knew the Romulan fairly well now, and sidnt quite understand how he got a bad rep at times. “Lhaes, would you like me to look him over?” She asked softly.

All the commotion caused Johnathen to wake up next. "Jasper," he groaned painfully. "I got a massive headache, could ya keep it down? I had a real nasty nightmare..." Though his eyes were still closed, he suddenly realized that he was not in his bunk. Slowly opening his eyes, he saw that he was in sickbay, though, not the sickbay he knew from the Ishimura. "Hey Doc?" He called out, hoping to see the familiar face of Doctor Nelson.

Lhaes waved Cate over to the first two patients and walked himself over to the third. "I can give you something for the headache," he assured the man, "do you remember your name?" Having learned from earlier experience, he chose only to give his last name this time. "I am Doctor Sommers, you are aboard the SS Mary Rose."

Nodding slowly, while keeping his eyes closed against the bright lights in thLPe sickbay, he replied. "Ensign Johnathen Anderson Jr, junior helm officer of the Starfleet vessel, USS Ishimura." He opened his eyes slowly and immediatly recognized the Romulan features of the man standing over him. "Are we prisoners here?"

"Not at all ensign," Lhaes replied gently, "I'm one of the ship's doctors here and I promise you that you're safe here and not a prisoner. Once we've checked you over, and you've had some rest I'm very certain the captain will want to speak with you all."

While his training was screaming at him that Romulans were the enemy, there was something in the doctor's eyes and voice that spoke to the contrary. Johnathen decided to remain quiet and watch as things unfold. "How many of us were saved?"

"I'm going to have to come back to you on that," Lhaes explained, "because I don't have that information yet. But for now we have four of you here."

Hal woke fully. Truthfully he didn't care if this Doc was Romulan or Orion. Just as long that they werent in the transporter anymore. a Doctor was a doctor. He groaned as he shook the cobwebs loose. He took a breath and sat up, slowly. "Hello?" he called out, coherent at last. "Doctor?"

Seeing Cate busy with Jasper, Lhaes patted Jonathan on his arm. "I'll be back shortly," he promised, walking back to the patient who had called out. "Glad you are awake," he smiled, "Can you tell me your name? Do you remember who you are?"

"My name..Hal. Hal Detan." he replied. "As far as I can tell it's all there. Memory I mean." He managed a smile. He nodded.

"That's good to hear Hal," Lhaes smiled, "were you a crewmember of the Ishimura too?"

"Yes, Doctor." he said. "Security Officer." he replied. 'Albeit a low level one." he managed another smile

"No such thing as low level," the Romulan doctor assured him, while pressing a hypospray against his arm. "How is your headache?"

"Better. Thank you." he said.

Valiyi stepped through the doors of the Med Bay as the collected patients were coming to. She took a quick assessment of the situation, pleased when she decided no one was trying to attack anyone else. Such odd situations called for delicate handling, lest someone lash out from a panic.

Approaching the nearest while the doctors worked, Valiyi rested a gentle hand on their shoulder. "My name is Valiyi Uhin, and I'm First Mate around here. I'm sure you have plenty of questions, and between myself and the Captain, we hope to be able to answer as many as possible."

Jasper looked about as confused as he could. With a blonde hazel-eyed woman looked human, so did this woman claiming to be the First mate. The term that Valiyi was using certainly wasn't Starfleet and her eyes seemed so dark. His brown eyes sifted between the trio as he tried to figure out what was going on. He wasn't trying to get up just confused by what he was seeing. The man glanced between the two females deciding to speak again, "Could you answer a question for me? I know you both know where we were, in the transporter buffer, would you tell me what year this is?"


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Valiyi Uhin
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