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Growing Stronger Together...

Posted on Wed Mar 21st, 2018 @ 2:20am by Ka'see 'Cassie' Anderson & Johnathen Anderson Jr

Mission: Ishimura
Location: Earth, Starfleet Academy
Timeline: Pre Ishimura - 2240

Over the next few months, after they returned to the Academy and their studies, Cassie and Johnathen began to spend more and more time together. At first, it was a lunch here and there. Then, they began to study more and more with one another, she helped him with his language and bioscience homework, he helping her on her piloting skills and flight theory. Soon after, they were spending every free moment that they could with one another.

Cassie flopped down on the bottom bunk that belonged to Johnathen, surprised that he wasn't in his dorm yet. She hadn't seen him since before breakfast and that surprised her when they spent so much time together. She smiled at Johnathen's roommate as he left the room to attend his last class of the day, it wasn't anything new, the woman being there, he just wasn't sure what she was to his roommate, neither would name what they were.

About twenty minutes after Stanley left for class, Johnathen burst into the room, full of excited energy. He was still wearing the flight suit that was worn when training in the starfighters. At first, when he entered, he didn't notice that Cassie was laying in his bed. Then, he started to smell her perfume, the new one she started wearing that he liked. Turning around, he beamed at her. "Hey, sweetheart!"

“Hi?” She greeted lying on her side watching him intently as he didn’t notice her curled up on his bed. If she had been left to wait any longer she has become tempted to have a nap.

Suddenly realizing that his excitement had gotten the better of him, Johnathen quickly rectified his error, by moving over to the bed, kneeling down beside Cassie, and giving her a deep, passionate kiss. When he finally came back up for air, he seemed more relaxed, more focused. "I'm sorry, sweetheart," he said softly. He then smiled again and repeated himself in the same soft voice. "Hi, sweetheart." He kissed her again, this time, not as intensely. He then sat back again and asked, "How was your day, my love?"

"Sweetheart?" She wondered as he kneeled next to his bed and kissed her a lot more soundly that he normally did. She stroked his sticking up hair before scooting over on the small bed to let him on. "Science examination in front of the board." It was standard for her but to anyone outside of science it seemed like a big deal, it was a weekly occurrence for her.

Smiling warmly as she ran her fingers through his hair, Johnathen replied. "And? How did it go?! Did they agree with your theory?" He stood up and began removing the flight suit. When he was free of it, he was wearing just his blue boxer briefs and a tank top. He then laid down on his bed, next to Cassie, resting his left hand on her right hip, as he waited for her reply to his question.

"Not sure." She admitted. It was hard to tell him she was talking something wild or real sometimes with so many discoveries being created and observed. "We shall see with my grade at end of the semester." It wasn't long until her senior year was over and she got out into the universe on a ship. It was a strange feeling with on the cusp of her adult life.

Gently rubbing her hip and thigh, Johnathen responded positively. "I'm sure you'll ace the course. You always do!" He then leaned in and kissed her again, relishing in the softness of her lips.

"Mmm, you've been flying." She realized with a grin as she scooted just a little closer to him feeling all the adrenaline working through his body as she touched his arm. It was a common thing for him to be excited after fight it was why sometimes he was just too overexcited.

He nodded happily. "Oh yeah! Guess what?! I got to fly one of the new Class 3 starfighters!! It's a two-seater, space superiority fighter. It is way more manoeuvrable than the old Class 2s. I got mine up to nearly full impulse! Can you believe it, a shuttle nearly getting to full impulse!" Johnathen was practically vibrating from the excitement. As he spoke, he started to kiss Cassie's neck. "We took em....took em out past.... past the moon... flew...flew...." His words became less as the kissing increased.

Cassie pulled her neck away to look at him. "Talk." She giggled. It sounded so strange coming from her lips but it was something she had discovered that she could do since properly meeting this man. "Impulse you say?" She said trying to get him to focus. It couldn't be just about kissing between them.

The young pilot blinked a few times, trying to get on the same page that Cassie was on. Finally, "Yeah... Yeah!" Regaining his train of thought, he continued to speak, this time slower and calmer. "So the Class Threes, which I believe are going to be christened, Hawks, when they are finally sent out to the fleet, have the most powerful engine of any shuttle, aside from the shuttletugs, but those are just brute power. The Hawks? They're speed and manoeuvrability. On the flight range today, I shaved a full ten seconds off of my course record! Plus the manoeuvrability! Oh my God, Cas! I was making turns and rolls and flips so tight, it was almost as if I was rotating on a dime and getting a nickel back as change."

Cassie turned on her side leaning against the wall as she looked at him, not at all understanding some of the words he was coming out with like rotating on a dime and getting a nickel back as change. It made no sense but, she didn't want to seem silly. "Sounds like you've had a good day as well." She whispered drawing him close and laying his head on her chest as she moved to lie back down properly.

Allowing Cassie to guide him closer to her, Johnathen sighed softly after he was laying against her. "This is the best part of my day, my love. I want every day to end like this, us in each other's arms." Tightening his embrace upon her slightly, he tilted his head back and looked up into her eyes. "I love you, Cassie McAvoy."

She was so aware of Johnathen next to her, not noticing him straining to see her or the exhaustion written on her face. The woman sighed and lent down kissing his nose, he kept saying it but she found herself unable to reply, not because she didn't feel it but because deep down she didn't know if she could be loved.

Johnathen smiled softly when Cassie kissed him. He hadn't said the words to elicit any kind of response, he just had the need, no, the desire, to tell her how he felt. He knew that she cared for him. He was content in the fact that, when she was ready, she would reply with the same words. "What would you like to do for dinner tonight?"

The woman smiled as she saw his smile, it was a smile that came easily to him and she enjoyed how it was her making him smile. "I was just going to go to the mess." She hadn't wanted to go far from anything or anyone, feeling drained after the early start. "You go do what you want. I am sure Stanley won't mind me asleep here."

Johnathen chuckled softly. His roommate was certainly quite amicable with their relationship. On more than one occasion, Casse slept here, in Johnathen's bed, instead of her own assigned room. "The mess is fine with me," he replied, a little sleepily. "I just need to catch a few winks first...: His voice trailed off as he drifted off into blissful slumber. In a few moments, his breathing had slowed down and had deepened slightly, indicating that he was asleep.

The woman smiled as the man grew heavy on her and the signs of him falling asleep started to happen. "Yeah, a nap sounds good." She agreed wholeheartedly as she started to breathe evenly calming herself down. It would take a little longer for her to fall asleep but it would happen.


Cassie McAvoy
Science Track - Biology
Starfleet Academy (Senior Year)
(PNPC Gregnol)

Cadet Johnathen Anderson Jr
Cadet, Sophomore Year, Helm
Starfleet Academy
PNPC Robertson


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