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Mess Hall Madness

Posted on Fri Nov 23rd, 2018 @ 8:32pm by Reessem Nubohn & Mazzin Vayri
Edited on on Fri Nov 23rd, 2018 @ 9:17pm

Mission: Shattered
Location: Deck 3- Mess Hall
Timeline: MD 01 : 10:00

The Mess hall was in disarray with chairs and people knocked out all over. It looked Reessem a moment to slowly pulled herself up into a sit position and look around trying to work out what exactly was wrong. Slowly she clutched a table that was still upright and pulled herself up more. "Hello?" She called trying to see if anyone else was actually awake to figure out what had happened. One moment they had been having a discussion about the fact they were stopped and then next everything was blank.

Mazzin groaned in the corner. She'd been reading up on the finances of the ship when she'd felt woozy and passed out, rolling off her chair and on to the floor. She felt nauseated and her head was pounding. She grunted as she pulled herself up but slipped, on the chair and knocked her face on the corner of it. She knew what it felt like for her skin to split from impact. She'd been beaten enough times in her life. She groaned and fall back to the floor, her hand covering her now bleeding face. "Owww..." she groaned.

Never again Ambika promised herself for the umpteenth time a she cracked her eyes finding herself under a pile of oranges. Slowly she tried to put what should have been the last nights events together. All she could remember was coming into the storage room to get some breadfruit, order there by little Matty. She’d ‘taken over’ the galley duties insisting on helping until Chef Lorenzo was feeling better. She hadn’t taken his death well.

FOCUS BIKA the newly security officer said to herself. She came into the storeroom, there was the sound of pots and pans crashing to the floor, “Gas!” she whispered, her hand to her belt to find the phaser still there. Getting up slowly she drew the weapon and made her way into the galley, it was empty. But she heard noises of people moving around out in messhall proper. “Hello?” she whispered.

"Hello?" Mazzin called out again. She moved her hand and saw copious amounts of blood from her tripping into the chair. Her head was bleeding more than she thought. "I.... I... I'm bleeding." she called out.

"Ah Mā de!" Ambika swore under her breath, seeing the Orion woman, one of the office people, and the blood flowing off her scalp. Grabbing a dishrag from the counter she went over to her "It's OK. It's Ok." she whispered holstering her phaser, she smiled at Mazzin and carefully pressed the towel to the wound. "Let's get you back into the kitchen and look at that." Looking down she spotted Ressem and nodded her head back to the galley.

The teenager sighed softly helping her fellow secretary into the galley area just as someone she didn't recognise came into the mess. "Halt Stop," The man said holding up a rifle at them.

Ambika looked at the rifle and down at the phaser hanging uselessly on her belt. With both of the accountants between her and the gunman, they made perfect meat-shields, but also blocked her shot. Giving the Orion a meaningful look he prayed for a distraction.

Mazzin looked at Ambika, she caught her look, looking mildly confused before her hand bumped the phaser on the belt. She blinked looked back up at her knowing something had to happen for her to grab her phaser and fire. She knew it was awful, but the knock to her head was making her feel nausiated. She encouraged her stomachs revolt and gagged. She thought of the most disgusting thing she could think of before suddenly stumping towards the man holding the rifle. She bent over and threw up ont he floor, silently apologizing to the cleaning bots for this.

The gunman stepped back in disgust, dropping his weapon to the side as he swore. It was then he realized his mistake. Catching the blur of movement in his peripheral vision, he tried to bring his weapon back to bare but a blinding flash filled his eyes, dropping him to the deck.

"Not quite what I was expecting, Maz" Ambika whispered, adrenaline making the blood pound in her ears, "but effective." No other sounds came from the hallway, in fact everything was unnaturally quiet. Shifting the phaser to her other hand, Ambika made a fist to try and keep her hand from shaking too badly.

Reessem looked concerned as the man hit the floor. He had seen strangely familiar but she couldn't place him at all. "I don't think we should have done that." The teenager said seeing the man unconscious. "Isn't that Samual from Engineering?" She wondered seeing the strange uniform on him.

"Then he shouldn't come rushing into the mess wearing leather spanks and toting a big ass rifle that he'll didn't get from our armory."Ambika snapped. Then slinging the fallen rifle, she looked at Reessem with very tired eyes, "Sorry but this ship's been pinning my 'weird-shit-o-meter' since I came aboard. Let's get Maz patched up. Sammy boy's not going anywhere for a while." Helping the Orion back to her feet added, "Again, great job, Maz, great job."

"I'd say you're welcome if I felt better, but I clearly have a concussion. Just make sure I stay awake." she said, grateful she'd had good aim. Her years of training to be perfect, had given her some skills in avoiding messes upon herself. "How long have you been on the ship and how crazy has it been?" she asked worried that she picked the wrong first job!

"Long enough, and nuts enough" Ambika replied, as they made their way back toward the galley. Grabbing the medkit off the kitchen wall Ambika retrieved a couple of emergency dermal patches and the tricorder. Scanning the Orion quickly Ambika gritted her teeth, "You right Maz, minor concussion. Here pop a couple of these." She added handing the woman some acetaminophen, "Should help with the headache once they kick in. Now let's see what we can do to staunch that bleeding." As she worked, she glanced over to Ressem, "You've been here the longest kiddo. What are your thoughts?"

"My thoughts are this is the most bonkers thing that has happened on this ship." The teenager looked out the window and got the shivers seeing just how much darker it all looked. "The light level doesn't feel right at all." She added blinking in the darker levels.

"You know, now that you mention it, something seems a half bubble off plumb." Ambika replied as she used a dermal regenerate on Mazzin, "But creepy darkness or no, we're going to have to get moving before more of the leather brigade shows up."

Creeping back out to the mess Ambira padded Samual down stuffing anything she fouNd into her own pockets to look over later. Staring at his communicator she balanced the benefit of taking it against the likelyhood of being tracked by it. In the end, she decided to leave it there. "Come on," she whispered, "I think that Warren of a secondary hull might be the best place to hold up for now. Any objections?"

"You guys go on. I will catch up in a second. I need to check something important." Reessem said in a small whisper as she looked down the corridor. It wouldn't take more than a few minutes from here but she had to check it alone.


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