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The Talk To End All Talks

Posted on Thu Jan 10th, 2019 @ 2:47pm by Captain Ledeya ‘Ed’ Ehestri & Lieutenant Commander Ranav Voss M.D.

Mission: Shipyards
Location: USS Cosmos, Beta Antares Shipyards
Timeline: MD15 08:05

Ledeya was up early. Her shift was never ending and she had been up several times in the night to answer questions and to check in with the dock that things were being done, but there she was already her hair was semi-plastered up and she had a freshly pressed boiler suit that gleamed like the hull of her ship.

It had taken longer for the Nectar to wear off last night that she would ever admit, even now the dim ache of a hangover rippled behind her senses like a slow rolling fog making her annoyed that she had taken a few shots at the last callout. Maybe she should have made the Executive Officer answer the last two to allow her more sleep but it was needed for the courage she needed now. She pressed the chime of the door but used her access code to walk straight into the Office of the Chief Medical Officer. “We need to talk.” She wanted to say but it came out oddly as she yawned.

Ranav glance over at the captain forming a smile quickly replaced by a questioning look that included a furrowing brow. The half Bolian noticed the crisp new uniform and the yawn, the look on her face that wasn't normal and the choice of words.

"Certainly Captain, good morning," He managed trying to maintain his composure. Ranav remembered their words the last time they were together and had a sinking feeling he was about to be relieved from duty. The doctor stood and motioned towards a seat, "please have a seat can I get you some coffee."

Ledeya paused for a second as she saw the charming smile and then it was quickly replaced by a look she couldn't place at all. She nodded at the coffee offer and took a seat waiting for him to return and hand the coffee over. She took a sip and smiled at the sweetness and hint of cinnamon that she liked. "You really do make the best coffee." She murmured.

Ranav chuckled and a smile crossed his face, "Thank you, Captain." He drew in a breath and nodded, "You're always welcome to come and get a cup whenever you want."

Ledeya took a few sips of her drink and stared at the display behind him. She looked less composed than usual, the tiniest hint of a frown toying on the corners of her lips. She didn't know what to say, she opened her mouth to stop him or get angry at what happened last night but she stopped herself she couldn't be mean to him.

"You're here about last night aren't you," Ranav finally said to break the awkward silence, "look, I'm here to do my job not chase down an old romance that obviously died long before this." He drew in a deep breath and continued, "I'd like the privilege of being the best doctor you've ever commanded Captain but if you think this is going to be a concern then I'll hand in my resignation."

“I am here about last night.” Ledeya admitted putting the coffee down on the table and looked up at the man properly. She had met many Bolian’s since she had moved from Cosmos the first time after begging him to move with her but no one had lived up to this man. “I don’t want your resignation Ran but I want to know how you feel.” She requested.

The physician nodded, "I feel I said too much." He drew in a breath and added, "what we had is over Ledeya, you've moved on and have made that clear. I don't intend to pursue a romantic relationship with you or anyone for that matter."

"I never moved on Ran," Ledeya said slowly taking in his words. "I still have all your communications but I was fuming the words you told me." She said hiding her yawn behind her hand.

Ranav tilted his head and gave a pained look, "you kept all my communications?" The blue man shook his had, "Ledeya I..." He stopped mid-sentence not wanting to complete the thought, "I didn't mean to hurt you."

“Don’t stop mid-sentence.” Ledeya encouraged as she took a few sips of her coffee, savouring the feeling of it waking her.

The blue man nodded and drew in a deep breath, "I, I still love you." He drew in another deep breathe awaiting the consequences for his declaration.

Her heart pounded, she could hear the sound of it echo in her ears, and for a few seconds, she debated what she should do. If she did not act soon, then her chest would explode, she was shaking. The only thought that came to her head was that at least she was in sickbay if she exploded.

Ranav came closer seeing the reaction the woman was having to his words. He crouched down till his eyes were level and a hand rest gently on her knee, "I hope you can forgive me Ledeya, but I still do love you."

"We... We shouldn't be doing this we work together." She whispered softly as he reached closer to her and then touched her. She was conflicted but she wanted this, she wanted the familiar intimacy.

"Perhaps," Ranav replied softly as he remained there, wanting for the universe to lean in a kiss her, "it's not like I'm your first officer, just the chief medical officer of your ship and I'm not asking for more than your love?"

This man was familiar and was the only man she had ever loved enough to almost mourn like he was dead. "I don't think you could be my first Officer at all. You actually like me." She sighed softly and leant forward her forehead resting against his.

Ranav started to lean in to give her a kiss then hesitated but didn't try to leave the closeness, "If ... if we do this..." He raised a hand and touched her cheek, "I know it's selfish but I want this, I want what we can have, even if it's only sharing a ship with you."

Not once did she seem to resist, or to flinch, or to show any signs of apprehension as he almost leant in. "I don't know if we can do this." She admitted, she didn't know if she could be that close to someone again.

"Can we try?" Ranav let the tips of his fingers touch her cheek and felt the softness of her hair. In slow motion, he moved in and took the kiss and then waited to see her reaction.

Her world stopped for a second as his fingers touched her cheek, her plump lips pressed into his, her mouth opened slightly. Closing her eyes tightly. This was real, this was happening, she was not imaging it.

Gently he moved his hand to caress the back of her neck as he continued to kiss the Captain. Ranav couldn't believe he was finally holding the Betazoind in his hands and expressing his affection as he had wished so many times before. The lost years were forgotten in the rapture of the moment as was the risk of such a relationship.

The woman slowly pulled back and bit her lip looking at him intently. It felt so familiar, just the same as it had the last time they had kissed before all the words that were said spoilt things. "That has not changed in three years." She whispered feeling his hand on her neck.

"My feelings for you haven't changed either," Ranav admitted standing back to his feet, "you are an amazing woman Ledeya and I will always want you."

"I feel like that too;" Ledeya blushed at her admittance, remembering her first tentative kiss with the Chief Medical she hardly knew, an orange sun breaching the horizon of the Pacific ocean behind them after they had been set up on a sat to mellow her out my mutual friends.

"Then why can't we do this?" Ranav moved back to his crouched position, "I love you and you love me so let's work this thing out wonderful."

"I didn't miss your ability to pick up on every tiny detail so crisply, are you sure one of your parents was not a quarter Betazoid?" She was trying to joke, but the nervousness was clear in her mannerism. Humour would only dig a deeper trench she'd have to claw is way out of, he had said the L word. "I don't know how to do this." The woman finally admitted.

There was a somewhat pained look on his face as he accepted her words, "Don't turn me away again Ledeya." He took in a deep breath and paused, "let's at least try?"

Ledeya touched her lips and nodded. Trying was okay, Ledeya could try again. She could at least do that for the possibility of happiness. “Tonight come to my quarters. We will talk more.” She murmured standing up drinking the last of her coffee.

The blue man grinned broadly and stepped in a little closer to the Captain to take the emptied coffee cup, "thank you Ledeya, I know we can do this." He kissed her cheek and stepped back, "Anything else Captain?"

Ledeya paused for a second as his hands brushed hers. “No Commander that is all. Thank you for listening.” She said her voice strained as she resisted the urge to stay and talk more. “I will see you later.” She added quickly using the last of her strength to walk away.

Ranav said nothing but merely stood there clutching the empty cup as he watched her leave. He drew in a deep breath as she disappeared. The man didn't realize he had been holding it until she had vanished out of sickbay and his thoughts could return from the rapture he had been allowing himself to imagine. "Wow," he said finally as he tilted his head and looked over at the abandoned work that awaited him. Hopefully, the doctor could focus on what he needed to do the rest of the day.


Captain Ledeya ‘Ed’ Ehestri
Commanding Officer
USS Cosmos / TG 72-B
(PNPC Gregnol)

Commander Ranav Voss M.D.
Chief Medical Officer
USS Cosmos
(PNPC Offermans)


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