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All In The Name Of Medicine

Posted on Sat Mar 2nd, 2019 @ 8:41pm by Captain Ledeya ‘Ed’ Ehestri & Lieutenant Commander Ranav Voss M.D.

Mission: Cosmos
Location: Captain's Quarters
Timeline: MD17 20:30


Ranav walked up to Ledeya's quarters with an oblong package in his hand. Around it was a gold and red bow. He was dressed in a new, pressed suit with shoes shiny enough to make any cadet trainer proud. Taking in a breath he pressed the doorbell and waited to be ushered into the presence of the woman he had wanted fo so long.

Ledeya was just finishing her work out and walking back to her quarter when she noticed the man at her door. Had she been so distracted she had misread the time. She had been unable to sleep again, ever since this morning had brought up shadows she had thought they had been following her. She wanted to sleep but unless she was exhausted she couldn't sleep.

"Merry meet Ranav." She greeted.

"It's more than just merry Captain, this is the best," Ranav's face lit up as he caught sight of her, "Your mind on other things tonight?"

"I got distracted and with no computer online to set alarms I got carried away." With a shake of her head, she moved in front of him to let him into her quarters. She wore less than she normally did training because of the heat on the ship, there was less needing to cover up and who would think badly of her. She wore tight leggings in black and her usual sparkly trainers. Normally she wore a loose tee over it but she couldn't wear the tee when she had wanted to run until she could outrun her shadow.

The blue man followed her in admiring her shape and even in her workout clothes found her irresistible. He could hear the door close behind him and fought back the urge to take her in his arms without a moment's hesitation to allow her space to feel comfortable enough, "you look so amazing Ledeya." He sat the box down on the counter near the kitchen and gave his full attention to the woman he adored, "I can't believe we're finally together like this again."

The Captain shook her head as she looked at herself sweaty and flustered. He was being sweet when she knew she smelled. "I am going to have a quick shower... Make yourself comfortable." She said softly turning towards her bedroom.

Ranav nodded his understanding though he would gladly help with the process. "Don't be too long," he teased with his eyes twinkling, "I may have to come in after you."

"Make yourself comfortable... Ten minutes I promise." She assured turning to disappear into the bedroom. Small noises of clothes hitting the floor and then the bathroom door swishing open.

Ranav's eyes widened as he considered going after her to sneak a peak but it had been years and he wasn't going to ruin a good thing to satisfy his desire. He sat the box down on the table and walked into the kitchen to where the replicator was and ordered. "two long stem wine glasses please, empty." The replicator dutifully created the objects and he set them on the counter then turned backed to the device again, "two servings of Bajoran crackers."

"Crackers?" A voice said from the doorway. The woman stood there wrapped in a towel watching him intently. She had wanted to stay there watching him for a few more moments but she couldn't help but ask.

The blue man's face beamed as he looked over at the towel wrapped woman. His eyes danced as he admired her form in the towel then answered her, "I've brought some Espra cheese and bottle udderberry wine." He sat the crackers next to the glass and walked down the hall a little, "though there's something I'd rather have."

"In that case, I will put more clothes on." She told him turning away a grin on her face as she felt the torture of her actions were having on him.

"You don't need to do that for me," Ranav chimed in as he watched the woman disappear once again,

He busied himself with the box opening it up to reveal the bottle of wine and the small container of exported cheese from the Captain's homeworld. There was also two small cheese knives, red cloth napkins, and a corkscrew to open the bottle. He looked at the assortment and then back, a little impatiently at the bedroom door. "Need any help?"

"I think I can dress myself Ran," The amused voice called back as she came out of the bedroom and smirked at the array of stuff. She wore a deep red tunic and a pair of black leggings with her long hair piled up.

"Just offering to help," The man said with a chuckle, "you don't know how long I've been wanting to spend time with you again. I see you're looking at everything, any of it look familiar?"

"Of course you were," Ledeya answered coming over to him properly. "This all looks yummy and exactly what I needed after last few days," There was only so long you could run on empty.

The blue man smiled and nodded looking intently at the woman, "shall I pour you a glass Captain, it's a fine bottle of silmic wine?" He picked up the bottle with one hand and the opener with the other, "I remember another bottle of this, do you?"

“Yes I believe I dumped it on your head.” The woman said grabbing up a glass to allow him to pour a glass. She took a dip once done and smiled in relief, it was such a welcomed taste.

Ranav chuckled, "You did indeed," he said as he poured the woman her glass of wine. The medical officer well remembered having a shower in the fruity wine after his eyes lingered too long on a scantily clad woman at a starbase where their ship had stopped for repairs. The blue man had always been a ladies man, of sorts. Most were not the slightest bit interested in the blue-skinned half human amalgamation yet he had tried. Mostly his attempts were to hide his insecurities and he thought women could see right through that facade easier than his medical equipment could see through a patient.

He poured himself a glass and smiled at the woman, "I've had some time to reform," he offered, "lots of time to think about that night."

The woman smiled as she could see him thinking back to the first time they had met before she was even a junior doctor under him. She had been clubbing, barely 25 and he had been watching her on and off all evening. "I hope you have reformed." She whispered knowing he already had, he had changed with her and how they had ended things.

The man glanced down at his glass for a moment and drew in a breath, "could you give me a chance to prove it?" he looked up at her chucked, "look at me getting all serious on you already." "we're here to enjoy ourselves."

Ledeya looked at him and smiled holding out her hand to him. Once he took it she pulled him closer to her and shook her head. “Slow and steady Ran. I am not the same woman from five years ago.” She told him thinking he knew nothing of what had led her to become a commanding officer.

Ranav looked hopeful the merely smiled, "I suppose we all have changed, you're a captain now and I'm still just a doctor." He drew in a break their connection, "I still hope there is enough of who we were Ledeya that the spark can still be kindled."

"You are still Chief Medical Officer, not just a doctor." Ledeya reminded him. She moved across to the couch and sat down.

"That just means I have more work, responsibility and bigger quarters," The blue man chuckled as he moved around the counter and took a seat not too far from her. He took a sip of the liquid in his glass and nodded, "but I know that department like the back of my hand."

"Bigger quarters are always nice," Ledeya commented on thinking that the quarters she currently had were the XO quarters and the XO was in another senior Officers quarters whilst the Commanding Officers quarters were refitted with the upgrades first.

Ranav laughed as he gazed at the woman of his affection. He took in a deep breath, "but there's more for me than just the perks to being a CMO. It gives my life purpose."

"And the purpose is what we need," Ledeya assured with a small smile smirk. This was familiar, this was how they used to be when they had shared a life before, shared everything.


Captain Ledeya ‘Ed’ Ehestri
Commanding Officer
USS Cosmos / TG 72-B
(PNPC Gregnol)

Commander Ranav Voss M.D.
Chief Medical Officer
USS Cosmos
(PNPC Offermans)


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