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Posted on Sat Mar 2nd, 2019 @ 2:06pm by Captain Sebastian Deauvuex & Hal Detan & Chief Helmsman Eden Bowers & Johnathen Anderson Jr & Chief Comms Kendra McIntyre

Mission: Ishimura
Location: Crew Quarters
Timeline: 2243

Quickly, he searched his brain for those pieces of picked up decorum and slices of half-learned etiquettes that he normally knew automatically as a Captain as he pressed the chime already hearing the soft noises from behind the door. Although he knew not why he very much wanted to give Eden’s friends a good impression about his self that wasn’t that of Captain especially as they were already going to be confused by his presence. He just hoped she had warned them that he would be coming along and that he had made the right choice in civilian clothes.

"Come in," Eden called, busying herself with ferrying drinks back and forth. The few people she'd invited were gathered around a table. As soon as she saw him she stopped and called out. "It's okay, I invited him," before anyone jumped to attention and accidentally knocked over the rather flimsy makeshift table. "I'm glad you could come. Sit . . . . wherever you like. Did you want something to drink?"

Sebastian just offered an awkward smile to the junior officers that were about to jump to attention, this was going to be the talk of the ship he just knew it now. "Just whatever you have going. I don't need anything special Eden." He said gently as he nodded to the Science Ensign that was sat on the couch by herself.

"I'm really glad you came." Eden said handing him a mug of some undisclosed liquid. "Bunch over," she ordered the group, "let him join if he wants." The reality was Eden had really no idea what they were playing, she just liked the background noise and to watch people having fun in her quarters.

Hal walked in, immediately wincing when he saw a very senior officer. He glanced at Eden and mouthed "Am I late?" As he tried to enter quietly. "Captain." He said.

Eden shook her head, there was no late in her mind as this was a social gathering. People could come and go as they pleased, as long as they all cleared out by the time she ready to sleep.

The Captain took the mug and smiled at Eden. He was sure that he didn't want to know what was in the mug at all. "Do I ask what is in it?" The man asked softly before looking at the group that were attempting to make room for him. "I am quite happy here with Doctor McCoy." He said softly thinking of the Science Officers name quickly. He didn't know her rank but he was sure that she had a doctorate in biology.

"You don't trust me?" Eden replied, though her face held a serious expression she was only teasing. "It's a secret recipe and it won't kill you, it's not even very strong." She plopped herself down on one end of the sofa and looked towards the game table.

Johnathen smiled from his seat at the table. He absentmindedly shuffled the cards as he watched the interaction between the Captain and his department supervisor. He could see them as a good pairing if only regulations didn't forbid it. "Welcome, Sir!" He said cheerfully. "We were about to play a little Texas Hold'em. Are you familiar with the game, Sir?"

"I hope I'm not too late to get a hand," the ship's communication's officer called from the entrance of the room. She had loved the game of Texas Hold'em and games were a bit hard to find. Kendra then sat in one of the open chairs at the table with her hands folded as to not touch the cards until they were dealt.

Sebastian smiled at the Officer before he looked at the men and nodded. "Qui... Why not. Been awhile since I played." The man admitted reluctant to leave the conversation with McCoy but it got him away from Eden and the rumours that could stir there.

Eden visibly relaxed when she saw they were willing to accept him into the little group. She thought it was rather funny as very few people accepted her, she felt. She let out a small sigh and fixed to watch the card game and drink the contents of her mug.

Cassie looked at Eden visibly not sure what to make of the Captain appearing here or the fact Eden had invited him. It was a certainly interesting situation that would earn a bit of gossip but she was sure that the Captain had, had it before it was run of the mill for a Commanding Officer.

Hal just looked at the cards and thought of strategies. He wasn't an expert, but he grinned at the thought of "bragging rights" to the other ensigns should he beat the captain.

After dealing each player two cards, Johnathen dealt out three cards, face up. Then, after looking at his cards, he picked up a couple of chips from his pile of winnings and tossed them into the table kitty. "I'm in for twenty."

"I'll call," Kendra nodded. Her eyes drifted up to Jonathen's to gauge the likelihood of a bluff as the Chief of Communications tossed in the chips to match the bet.

"Check," Hal said, thoughtfully looking at his cards.

The Captain shook his head and focused on what was in front of him in the form of cards. It was a quick round and Sebastian found himself quickly losing to prove a point that Captains weren't infallible but mostly to get out of the game, he didn't really want to be gambling with his crew even if it wasn't for money at that moment.

Shivering slightly Eden pulled a throw around her that she'd recently knitted. It wasn't that pretty since she was just learning the art, but it was wool and very warm. Between the warmth now seeping into her, the noises of glasses clinking, the voices surrounding her and the comfortable position she began to feel sleepy. Surely it wouldn't hurt to put her head down on the arm of the sofa and watch the game from there?

For the next hour or so, the group played several hands, the various piles of chips that each player had would alternate between high and low, depending how each hand went. Finally, as the last hand was completed, Johnathen was happy to see that he would end the evening with double the credits than he started with. He would stash those extra credits away, as he had his eye on a gift for Cassie that he wanted to purchase, the next time they returned to Earth.


Ensign Eden Bowers
Chief Helmsmen
USS Ishimura

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USS Ishimura
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Ensign Johnathan Anderson Jr.
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