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We Have Some Issues To Work On

Posted on Fri Jul 5th, 2019 @ 10:54am by Jeassaho Kea & Tasha Belikov

Mission: Daucina
Location: Deck 6: Converted Cargo Holds
Timeline: MD04 11:25

Jeasaaho stopped and looked around the cargo bay. The whole bay was pretty much bare. Where was all the stuff that was normally in there and why did it look so clean? “Hello?” She called trying to see if anyone was around that could help her track down something she needed from the Cargo hold.

Tasha was in her zone. This was the stuff she loved. Sorting. Shuffling. Cataloging. She was humming to herself behind a stack of crates that were to be unloaded at there next stop when she heard the voice call out. Popping up over the edge of the crates like a skittish groundhog, she hesitated. “Yes?” She asked her mouth still blocked by the edge of the crate but she could fully see the wife of the Captain. If he was nice, she was too, right?

“Oh hello!” The woman smiled as she took in the young looking woman. It was hard to believe that this woman was so much older than her. “I came to grab something from a container but I see you’ve been busy.” Jeassaho was suitably impressed by the change in one of the cargo holds.

“Oh, uh, yeah.” She said sheepishly as she moved around the stack of crates. She rubbed her palms against her pants as if trying to dry them. “I hope that is ok.” She started as she looked around the cargo bay. “I mean, I know that was the whole reason I was brought on but I know how little some people like change and I moved everything because none of it made sense and we had no idea what we had or where anything went.” Her eyes went wide when she realized she had yet to take a breath. She pressed her lips together to will herself to stop talking.

Jeassaho watched the woman talk and smiled as she just carried on and on for a moment before she finally realised she wasn’t stopping. It amused her, to say the least. “It is more than okay. I was just surprised that is all. Not often you see on this ship bare cargo bay.” She mused. “I was looking for some cargo actually.”

"Oh, I have a list," Tasha replied with excitement. "I have cataloged each parcel with cross reference for load date, shipping point, and destination." She moved towards the women with a PADD in hand. "Do any of those help you?"

“It’s not really going anywhere. It wouldn’t have a location. I was just storing it here so Gregnol doesn’t find it in our quarters or anywhere else. It is his birthday soon.” Jeassaho grinned refusing to blush at it if the woman had peaked inside.

"Internal items have been categorized by the crew member storing them." Tasha used the padd to pull up a new list. "I assigned everyone am identifying the number for the cross-reference." She smiled. "It looks like there are three crates under your ID. Follow me." She turned and began weaving through the maze of stacks.

“Sounds about right.” The woman admitted softly as she tried to go through what was in each crate. It was hard to believe that she had been onboard well over a year now and had been married over six months to the Captain now. “So how are you getting on. It’s Tasha right?” Jeassaho realised that the woman knew who she was but Jeassaho wasn’t a 100% on her.

“Yes, ma’am,” Tasha replied regarding her name. “I am fine.” She gave her a smile as conversation rules dictated. “Better since I got to come to play in the cargo bay.” That thought brought a genuine smile to her lips.

“Please just call me Jeassaho or a shortened version.” The woman said lightly as she felt the genuineness of the woman next to her and how happy she felt to be there. “She was in need of some tender loving care and you can see in the last few days how much you’ve done. You have slept right?” The woman checked.

"I took a nap," Tasha replied timidly. "But I don't sleep much." She replied. “I am happy I can help.” She smiled as she looked around the cargo bay. It was proving to be her favorite place on the ship. Her quarters still caused her anxiety that someday she would open the door and he would be there.

“More than helping.” The Betazoid assured quietly as she caught the stray thought from the woman. The ship was old but no one got onboard without permission.“He won’t you know. Sorry, I cannot help but hear your thoughts your new on the ship and it’s a habit.”

“He who? Won’t what?” Tasha looked at her, her tone a bit fidgety as she tucked a few strands of hair behind her ear. She knew the woman was a Betazoid and she knew that they were telepathic, but she didn’t know how it worked. She was so caught off guard by the statement and unaware that she had even thought of Brandon.

“You were thinking of someone,” Jeassaho said simply as she started across to where the container was and what she needed out of it. It was the only place outside the Grotto that she could hide stuff.

“Oh,” Tasha replied, her cheeks flushing. She had yet to tell anyone, other than Eden, of her past and it wasn’t something she wanted to be judged for. She took a few steps keeping her distance as the Betazoid looked for what she had come there for. “My husband.” She barely choked out the words.

Jeassaho nodded, she had suspected as much and she hated the fact it normally was that. “Some men totally deserve that title,” Jeassaho said with a sad shrug. It was sad that women and men had to accept violent spouses. No one deserved that.

Tasha simply nodded. "Yours seems far from the vain of Brandon." She liked the Captain. He was one of the few men that didn't send her into a panic. She flushed at her comment and resumed looking down her her hands.

“He would get a slap if he was anything other than the charming and helpful soul that he is. Though he needs to get rid of the beard.” The woman mused as she held up what she was looking for it was a fancy dress. “What do you think?” Jeassaho wondered.

Tasha couldn’t help the bittersweet smile that came to her lips. It was refreshing to know that happiness existed out there and she knew what it was like, but she also knew how dark it could get. Looking over the dress she thought for a moment. “It is beautiful.”

“You think it’ll knock my man dead?” Jeassaho was trying to cheer the Captain up and was at a loss of what to do that she hasn’t already tried. “It is the truth. Any man on this ship who treated a woman with disrespect would get a slap especially my husband and a man named Leiddem if you meet him any time soon.”

Tasha smiled, “If not he is blind.” She replied about the dress. She could just imagine the Captain’s eyes to see his beautiful wife in the dress. “That is good to hear, ma’am.” The timid logistics officer added. She was slowly realizing that she was safe on this ship.

“Jeassaho, please. I’m an Engineer first then Gregnol’s wife.” The woman winked as she scooped up the dress and started to put the stuff back in order in the container she had.

“Yes, ma’am,” Tasha replied, making no attempt to use the woman's name as she had requested more than once. It wasn’t out of a sense of duty like you would find on a Starfleet ship, but simply out of a need to keep a distance for her own sanity.

“We are going to work on that,” Jeassaho promised her with a kind smile. It was something she would talk to Tasha about another time and that she was going to discuss with Reuben, to say the least.


Tasha Belikov
Logistic Officer
SS Mary Rose

Lieutenant Commander (LOA) Jeassaho Kea
SS Mary Rose
(PNPC Gregnol)


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