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Ladies Night Part 3

Posted on Wed Jan 8th, 2020 @ 4:50pm by Jeassaho Kea & Dixoho Saa & Dodian Carli & Tasha Belikov & Chief Helmsman Eden Bowers & Liha t'Ehhelih

Mission: Mission 10 - Temperance
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It was more like twenty minutes when Jeassaho and Dixoho carrying a wooden display unit between them. It was simple but it would take the punishment that was required. "Works for you?" Jeassaho asked putting it at the opposite end to where everyone was sat. "Not perfect but it will take the force." The Engineer out of the pair announced.

Liha pulled the knife from her tunic and threw it. It hit the middle of wooden display, which vibrated slightly with the impact, but the knife stuck. "Yes. It will do." The Romulan nodded. "Does anyone have pictures to use for targets?"

"Nice." Jeassaho approved of how solid she had built the stands and grinned at how easy she made it look. "I do not as I do not really have anyone I want to throw a knife at but I would love to give it a go. Fancy teaching me?" Jeassaho stood up to throw a nice. She wanted to show willing even if no one else was yet.

"I'm really not sure this is such a good idea with me. I can be graceful at times but I can also be a huge klutz. I really don't want to hurt anyone or myself." Eden stood there with her lips pursed together in deep thought about whether or not to do this.

"We could start you will something with dull edges and only the tip sharp. That's what my father gave me when I started learning," Liha said, trying to recall those early lessons. She'd learned to throw so long ago it was almost reflex now, so she wasn't completely sure how to explain it. "The first thing is just to get a feel a for it with a simple half rotation throw."

"Alright, that sounds much better," Eden bounced on her toes a bit in anticipation now that she didn't feel like she might accidentally stab someone. She wondered what Jake would think of this particular skill, if she ever managed to do it correctly.

"We can only break something down that end when we are all down here." Jeassaho pointed out thoughtfully as she looked at it all with an Engineers mind.

Alika was not as courteous, already springing up and inspecting their new 'target.' "If anything happens and we end up with a hole through a wall, I've got posters. Pictures. All sorts of things. We can just tell the Captain we decided to redecorate. It's fine." She glanced over to the others with a big grin. "... It'll be fine."

"I am not concerned. Pretty sure I can talk him around if it comes to it." Jeassaho assured as she looked at the knife. "Shall I go first?" She offered thinking she had not drunk enough yet to be wobbly so she should at least be able to hit the target.

Liha stepped back and crossed her arms. "Okay. Let's see what you've got."

Jeassaho grinned and flung the knife as hard as she could at the target, imagining it to be a Jem'hardar. It hit the wall behind and stuck in. The Betazoid grinned and held up her hands in victory.

"Remind me not to make you mad," Eden said, her eyes a bit wide at the throw. Eden picked up one, looked it over and tossed it, then closed her eyes quickly. She heard several shouts and something that sounded like it broke but was afraid to open her eyes again.

"I am not just a pretty face." Jeassaho grinned striding off to get the knives back that she had used. She returned as Eden threw hers. "Who is next?" The Engineer offered holding them out handle first. "Dodian? Tash?"

Tasha looked around the group. She had been simply watching melting into the background. She had to admit that throwing that knife looked...exhilarating. She looked over at Dodian before giving Jeassaho a shrug and stood up. "I, I will try." She grinned as she moved up to the line.

"You can do it!" Dixoho hollered from her seat drinking her beer. It really was nice to just be in female company again. it did not happen often enough for her in her opinion.

"Hold it from the balance point when you throw," Liha advised. "It'll rotate better."

Dodian smiled as she watched Tasha stand up and took the position by the mark. She had always found knives an elegant form of weapon, and had enjoyed using it on many of her jobs in the past. In the past 70+ years she'd gained the title of The Good Samaritan from her followers due to the nature of her 'extra-curricular' activities in righting a few wrongs. The calling card of a smiley face was always a particular highlight.

She was enjoying the comradery of her fellow shipmates and the alcohol certainly helped at this point too.

It was a weird way to spend the afternoon, but Eden had never been 'one of the girls' she'd always felt separate so this went a long way towards breaking down that barrier she kept up.

Tasha looked over her shoulder at Liha and Dixaho. She couldn't help the pulling at her corners. It was nice feeling safe again. She turned back to the target. Her toe at the line and held the knife in her hand. It had been years since she had been allowed to handle a weapon and she had never thrown a blade just to throw it. Rolling her shoulders back she extended her empty hand, her fingers flat and aiming towards the target. Drawing the blade back with her other hand she took a deep breath before letting it fly with a satisfying thunk down range.

"Damn," Dixoho commented as she saw the knife pierce through the air and then wack just slightly off centre into the wood. "Seems we have a dark horse here." The Trill grinned at the woman who had barely said two words all evening.

Tasha fought back a flush as she tucked her hair behind her ear. She hated being the center of attention. She had once loved it. She needed to try and get back to the person she had once been. She let out a laugh. "It has been a while." She admitted as she moved to sit down.

"Still, nice." Liha said with an approving nod. It might have sounded fairly neutral, but was real praise from a Romulan.

"Good aim, Tasha. Making it hard to beat." Dodian replied with a little laugh.

Eden, content to watch everyone around her and not eager to experience her knife-throwing skills again, sat down on the floor and made herself a nest. She had no problem with letting the others improve such a skill. "Lovely effort, all of you." She said pleasantly.

"Who is next? Anyone?" Dixoho wondered eyeing the knives. She wanted to let out some of her rage but it would be a lot around Michael at the moment and some of these women did not know her story or what had happened in the other universe.

Liha read her expression - some things humanoids and Romulans did have in common. "Go on," she urged with a knowing smile. "Image who you most want to strike, and put a knife in them."

Dixoho just laughed and took the knife. It did not take a lot to imagine Michael as the target at all, it was pretty easy after the way he left without comment. The knife didn't hit the target at all but it did embed deep into the wall behind. "Oops." was all she uttered as she quickly walked over to free it. Cassie raised an eyebrow at the force behind the knife and throw. She was obviously hurting as much as she was over the situation that had taken their partners.

"I'm surprised I didn't do that. It's okay," Eden assured. "This is why it's practice after all," she replied cheerfully.

Dixoho did not need the reassurance. Her throw had been out of anger and quite possibly what she would do to Michael if he ever reappeared. She sauntered back to the table and put the knives down. "I am done for the night." She confirmed downing her drink.

"Don't be discouraged," Liha said. "It was a good effort. You just need to work on aim." She looked around. This was vastly preferable, in her opinion, to the games suggested earlier, but hadn't been much of a competition. "Anyone else?"

"I'm not discouraged I just want my bed and I do not think me playing with knives when I am tired and sleepy is a good thing," Dixoho assured with a shrug. "Have a good night everyone." She squeezed Cassie's shoulder as she passed. They might be nothing alike but the woman was a kindred spirit both having been hurt by partners over the same thing.

"I guess that's party over," Liha said with a shrug, and headed off.


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