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When The Bell Tolls MISSION START

Posted on Wed Jan 8th, 2020 @ 4:49pm by Commodore Ledeya ‘Ed’ Ehestri & Lieutenant Commander Ranav Voss M.D.

Mission: Cosmos
Location: USS Cosmos
Timeline: 2396

Ledeya was sound asleep and enjoying how comfortable she felt with the man lying next to her when a voice suddenly echoed through her quarters startling her. “Captain there is a priority one communication from Starbase 621.” Ledeya blinked a little in her darkened quarters and moved up tugging on a flight uniform to answer it with. What would Rachel Bennett want at that time of day?

As the communication came thought the sighed that greeted her was nothing like the one, she thought she would be seeing. "Commander?" She questioned taking in his appearance and the red alert signal she could see behind him by the lighting.

"Captain, three explosions have wrecked the station. We have sent out General Distress. We're unsure if that was the only attack or if more are on the way. Casualty reports are coming in and the damage is still being assessed..." Jared's mind was just to report. He had dumped some startling information on his Task Group Commanding Officer, but something made him pause before he finished with the bad. "The Captain... Captain Bennett was lost in the blast inside the Interior Docking Bay."

Ledeya took a moment to process what had been said to her before she looked over her shoulder at something and disappeared out of view for a second. "Captain Ehestri to the Bridge." She demanded in a tone that did not appear often. "Yellow alert and warp nine to the Starbase." She stated simply before cutting the call to the Bridge. She needed to focus on the Commander in front of her. "Commander, have you been assessed by Medical? I need you fit and well to step into Rachel's shoes." He would be in no state if he had been hadn't.

"We could take care of that now sir?" The Bandi woman next to the Commander piped up.

"Getting it taken care of now, Captain. I'll update you as more information comes." Ledeya nodded and cut the communication to allow the man to get fixed up. She would talk to him once she was dressed and, on the bridge, again. She needed to brief her officers after all but first, she needed to wake the man up in her bed. “Ran…” She murmured surprised he had not woken with all the commotion.

The half-Bolian's eyes opened, there was something in the tone of her voice that seemed to alert him he had not just overslept. It still took a moment for the could of sleep to vanish from his head, "something up Ledeya?" He sat up as he spoke and drew in a breath just after trying to wake fully.

The woman was relieved when he finally stirred enough. "A bomb at 621." The woman said quickly trying to get herself out of the flight suit to shower and put on a proper uniform. She had no time to delay, she needed to relay what was happening to Harrington.

Ranav nearly jumped out of the bed and began getting ready. This wasn't his first emergency he had been called into and the doctor was stepping into his new officer's uniform pants and shirt with practised speed. The tricorder he always used attacked to his utility belt and he looked over at the captain who was already on her way to the door, "I'll head to sickbay, we'll be ready."

Ledeya nodded. This was not how she had wanted to wake up with the man at all but she had no time to think on it now. It was just how it was going to be some days, and it was not like they were in that type of relationship that required those type of explanations. "We have twenty-four hours."

"Understood," Ranav said giving a nod, "if this was a bomb do we know who is responsible?"

"We know nothing. I have just received the distress call all of ten minutes ago." Ledeya murmured as she disappeared into the bathroom. She was barely two minutes and appeared out again grabbing on the uniform she had chucked aside. "All I know is two bombs have gone off and we are possibly the closest ship to offer aid as we were already on our way for the conference."

"Well," Ran said with a sigh as he headed towards the door, "we will get ready."

Ledeya did nothing but nod. She was relieved he did nothing to try and cuddle or offer some type of affection at that moment. The woman did not need or want that when there was an emergency on her hands that could have ripple effects throughout Starfleet thanks to the timing.

"You've got this Captain," Ran said with a smile and then headed out the door, "get back with you when this is over."

Ledeya nodded. They could get back to whatever this was when this emergency was over. She had to focus on what was happening and what was going on around her properly.


Captain Ledeya ‘Ed’ Ehestri
Commanding Officer
USS Cosmos / TG 72-B
(PNPC Gregnol)

Lieutenant Commander Ranav Voss M.D.
Chief Medical Officer
USS Cosmos
(PNPC Jasper)


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