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The Eye Of The Storm

Posted on Sat Feb 1st, 2020 @ 4:05pm by Lieutenant Junior Grade Karis & Commander Adamya Ryon

Mission: Cosmos
Location: Ryon's Quarters
Timeline: Prior to Cosmos' Arrival at Starbase 621

So happy to see that he was mostly alright, Karis had spent most of her time keeping an eye on him as if she thought that after what he'd been through, he might break suddenly as if made of glass. "I have a silly idea. And I can't tell you why I came to this conclusion. But I think the Captain needs a mate."

"Ledeya?" Ryon asked, surprised at the suddenness of the question. Looking back toward the flame haired science officer, he began, "Did you ever hear what happened the last time someone tried to set her up?" He cracked a smile. He did have a good run years ago as the First Officer aboard the Cosmos.

"No . . . . do tell," Karis parked herself down, making a little nest on a cushion on the floor, something she was known for doing often. It probably looked like a little kid settling down for story time but she was totally unaware of the comparison.

"She'd probably throw me off the ship for telling you this," Ryon shook his head with a mischievous smile. Before starting, he grabbed his mug of deka tea from the replicator before looking at Karis on the floor. "Story time, it is."

Taking a sip of his tea, Ryon started, "Back when she was still the Cosmos' doctor, a Bolian engineer... Ensign fresh out of the Academy. He had a huge crush on her. He'd come to Sickbay just to be in her presence. Leave little gifts, a flower here, or a chocolate there. Yet, she wasn't very interested."

As much as she wanted to know he wanted to tell her, which she found amusing. "Then what happened?"

"I'm getting to that," Ryon could not help but laugh. "One of the nurses thought it'd be just the greatest pairing ever if Ledeya would give the poor guy a chance." He held up one finger, "One date. What's the worst that could happen?"

She smiled thinking about a lot of things that could happen. She blinked but didn't answer, clutching her mug she stamped down on the bit of excitement that creeped up her spine.

"Well, she agreed and they were set to have dinner at the Deck 11 Lounge," Ryon said, a smirk beginning to cross his face. "After they both ordered, the Ensign talked only about himself without stopping. We're talking about medical procedures, favorite tests as a cadet, everything." Taking another sip, he continued, "He even spilled his drink all over the Captain."

"Oh my god." Karis replied, her mouth hanging open. Ledeya just was not the person you disrespected, she was such a presence, even without her eyes Karis could see that.

Holding up a hand, Ryon could barely contain a laugh as he finished, "Oh that's not even the best part. After the dinner was finished and she was still wiping Bolian Ale off her dress, he had the nerve to ask if she wanted to finish things in his quarters for the grand finale."

"Is he still alive?" Karis's eyebrows felt like they were at the top of her head and weren't coming down anytime soon. "I mean I guess I never heard of her getting arrested, unless she hid the body." She adjusted her position a little bit. "Actually we talked while you were gone. I sort of told her how we met."

"She's a doctor, I'm sure she has ways of hiding a murder," the Bajoran teased. Shrugging, he gave a real answer, "He transferred shortly after that, I have no idea what happened after that, I don't even remember his name." Looking to Karis on the floor, his tone turned more serious.

"You know this isn't going to be like the Yorktown, right?" he asked, making sure that she was okay. It was true, they were en route to a station in bad condition. He worried that it would bring her back to the final moments of the ship that she had served on before they had met.

Picking up on his emotions she nodded. "I do, I'm not worried. Not like that anyway. It's . . . unsettling but not scary. Honestly, I should be more afraid of what happened and maybe at the time I was but everything happened fast and I was in pain. Most of what happened kind of blurs together. And I don't remember anything for hours after we touched that first time. Nothing but blackness."

"Honestly, I don't either," Ryon admitted. "I was pulled right after a class, given command of a ship that wasn't finished, and tasked with finding a needle in a haystack." Looking toward Karis, he finished with, "I never believed in luck or divine intervention or whatever you want to call it, but that was a lucky day."

"I'm glad you think so," Karis said with a small smile. "Come sit. I want to ask you something. Our lives haven't slowed down since that moment. I just wanted to make sure . . . . are you happy?" What she really wanted to ask was if he was happy with her but she couldn't quite make herself say it.

Finding a spot next to Karis on the floor, Ryon took a moment to reflect on the question. Things had been pretty non-stop since that day from preparing the Rhea to fly to losing his command to the Cosmos' visit to the seabase, there had not been many days off. Looking back to Karis, he had his answer, "Yes. Sure there have been some bad days and some bad situations, but I am happy." Nodding as if indicating that it was her turn, he asked, "Are you?"

"Yes, I don't always understand what you are feeling because feeling other people's emotions are so new to me but each day is a little bit different and I never wake up regretting anything. It would be nice if we had a couple of days for just the two of us but we kind of picked our careers long ago so I don't mind the whirlwind too much."

"If we didn't have a new crises every day," Ryon agreed. "We should set aside at least a few hours every week, just to unravel and do something that has nothing to do with Starfleet."

"Yes we should. Make the time," Karis agreed, already thinking about the things they might do. Even if they just sat here together it would be something to look forward to. "Maybe a picnic on the holodeck? I know it won't be real sunshine but it's the closest thing we can come to on a starship."

"I know a few good places," Ryon agreed. Smiling at something that he thought was crazy at the time he heard it, the former Captain of the Rhea said, "A Captain I know once told me that every ship has a spot. It's out of the way and near a viewport. Apparently, a person can get lost in their thoughts." Looking toward Karis, he wondered aloud, "Maybe the Cosmos has a place like that."

"I'm sure they do. I've been looking for it actually. I've found a few spots, I could show them to you?" She looked eager as if she would pull him up from his spot on the floor and drag him there right now.

"Let's go then," Ryon replied, he thought her eagerness was cute. "I'm not due to go back on duty for another two hours, so lead the way."

Karis jumped up from her spot, took Ryon's hand and squeezed it. She didn't let go as she pulled him from their quarters and toward all the places she had discovered.

Commander Adamya Ryon
Strategic Operations Officer
USS Cosmos
(pNPC McIntyre)

Lieutenant JG Karis
Science Officer
USS Cosmos
(pNPC Bowers)


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