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Posted on Sat Apr 4th, 2020 @ 6:19pm by Liha t'Ehhelih & Ships Doctor Quinton Sarratt MD & Ka'see 'Cassie' Anderson

Mission: Prospecting

Cassie sat stony-faced on the bio bed, clutching her arm as she waited for the Doctor or anyone to answer her summons to sickbay. It would be okay she kept telling herself as she tried to focus but the shooting agony in her side and shoulder made her feel lightheaded and feel disconnected from reality. She took in a deep breath and focused on the wall in front of her trying to keep herself grounded and conscious, a dislocated shoulder was worse to fix with an unconscious patient.

Quin came into the room, admittedly taking his dear sweet time. If there was one thing he'd learned over the years, is that emergencies were rarely emergencies; and most problems could be fixed with a bandaid and a kick to the .... He looked at the figure sitting in the bed, "Miss Anderson," he commented, "what did you do?" he asked. Picking up his tricorder, he began to make sure passive scans. He pointed to her shoulder, "doesn't take Doctor to realize what you did." The deformity was very obvious.

"It is Mrs for a few weeks longer," Cassie commented on with a bitter huff before she took in a deep breath. "I fell." She did not need to go into more information than was necessary. It had not been smart of her but it was needed and she had found what she had been looking for along with some added extras that would need to be looked at.

"And you came here for help?" Liha asked, looking up from where she'd been working to connect salvaged 24th century biobeds to this 23rd century medbay. "Brave woman, trusting yourself to him. I'd have opted for slamming my shoulder into a bulkhead to pop the joint back into place."

As Quin prepped a muscle relaxant he looked over to the Roluman, "tell me Romulan," he looked at this patient, "this isnt going to feel good," he nodded to her. Turning back to his unwanted guest, "do you have a boyfriend?" He didn't wait for a reply, "speaking as your Medical Doctor, a good romp in the sheets might help temper that award-winning disposition."

He grinned as he looked to his patient, "my apologies, we cant always pick the entertainment. I can give you something for the pain or we can just pop it in. Your choice?"

Liha snorted. "I think that's what you humans call 'projection." Looking at Cassie, she tipped an eyebrow. "If he's that desperate, you might want to avoid letting him pop anything in."

Cassie paled more by the second if it was possible. "Pain killers please otherwise I am going to pass out or throw up your choice.." She said through gritted teeth.

Quin had already been one step ahead of the patient, having the pain medication prepped and ready. He pressed the hypo to her neck, as the device hissed releasing the medication into her system. "It shouldn't take too long to kick in," he commented. He looked up at the Romulan, "you gonna give a side commentary all day, or care to lend a hand." He looked around sickbay, "it seems I'm short on staff here. " He didn't bother to wait for a reply, "we're gonna have to pop that back in place and it generally requires two people."

"I am sure someone of your vast experience should be able to hand that," he smiled at Liha. "Alright Cassie," he replied, "even with the meds this isn't going to feel good." He had Cassie still sitting in the bed and facing him as he looked over to the Romulan. "When I tell you to, I want you to reach up and apply firm pressure here," he pointed to Cassie's back just below the scapula on the backside of the shoulder socket."

"I know where to press," Liha replied curtly, taking the position. She was halfway tempted to take the arm as well and do it herself, just to show him, but Cassie might scream and people reacted badly to a Romulan making people scream.

He took Cassie's arm after he was certain the meds had kicked in and slowly lifted it, placing the girl's palm on his own shoulder as he externally rotated the arm. "Now that fun part," he looked Cassie in the eyes, "you ready?"

Liha nodded ready as well and braced to push.

Panic took over for a moment as thoughts of an endless pain crept up into Cassie’s mind. What if this agonizing pain would never stop shooting through her shoulder? Wave after wave kept coming and then it stopped and a numbness made her feel like she was floating took over. She looked at the Doctor and burst out laughing. “I am ready.” She said in a sing-song voice that sounded very different from her normal composed self.

As Quin rotated the arm ever so slightly, he applied firm pressure to the clavicle. Stabilizing the humeral head, Quin continued to flexion and external rotation of the arm. Certain the joint was in the proper place, he started to apply steady traction on the clavicle. He looked up at the Romulan, "now Liha," he hadn't even realized he'd used her given name. "Press hard and firm on the lower part of the shoulder joint, while I provide traction," before Quin could finish his sentence a subtle popping noise could be heard."

He gave a rare smile to Cassie, "old school medicine, sorry we're not on a Galaxy-class with lots of bells and whistles." Quin looked at his patient, for a bit. The tell-tell signs were very apparent. "Liha, take a step back....." he managed to get out before Cassie turned her head and emptied the contents of her stomach on the deck below. He knew the shoulder move caused little to no pain if performed correctly. So his only idea; low tolerance for pain medication. "Fairly normal reaction," Quin grabbed a basin and set it in front of Cassie, "just in case..."

"Gah!" Liha jumped back, narrowly avoiding being splattered. She frowned at Cassie. "I told you not to take anything from him," then turned a glare on Quin. "I hope you mop better than you doctor, because I'm not cleaning that up."

"Par for the course, in any med bay," Quin replied.

“Sorry.” The woman glanced at the woman before she burst out laughing for a moment before frowning herself. “You aren’t as pretty when you frown. Can I get some water? I feel really hot.” She whispered, her eyes looking big and dark.

Quin was ready to say something quick-witted, but something else caught his attention. He picked up his tricorder as he made several scans. With his free hand, he did a visual inspection of the eyes. "Large dilated eyes, glassy in appearance, and slightly red," he looked over to his Romulan and grinned, "tell me Cassie have you had any trouble with medication before?"

Her temper had briefly spiked, but Liha realized almost as soon as the Doctor what was going on. She shook her head. This was why Romulans didn't do pain meds unless absolutely necessary.

“No. I do not usually require medical treatment. You just got lucky today.” She frowned and looked at the mess that she had created. “I need to clean that up.” She realized thinking they had no cleaning bots onboard to do that.

"Let's not worry about that," Quin replied, as he made a few passive scans with his tricorder, "the neurotransmitters in her brain is unloading a lot of dopamine in her system. "Haven't seen someone like this in some time," Quin replied, "if I was back on Risa, I'd say black coffee and sleep it off. But this is a bit different."

"What did you give me?" Cassie wondered moving to lie back down curling up on the biobed.

"Something not meant for vulcanoids, I'd say," Liha said, frowning at Quin. "You got her zorched, didn't you?"

"It's got to be. I feel very good right now. No pain." Cassie lamented from under the arms that were now covering her face. She was high and now the room was spinning.

Quin smiled, "side effect of a hybrid race, I would assume. One never knows how things will work out. But that is my guess, her Vulcan side didn't like the medicine. Needless to say, she's going to be rather what did you call it, zorched, for some time. I'd rather not treat it with more medicine, I don't know how she will react. Unless she's got someone on the ship who can care for her, I will keep her here for a while till the meds wear off."

"Well, enjoy the results of your malpractice, because I'm not babysitting a high half-Vulcan," Liha said and turned to go back to her work. She paused and pointed to the mess still on the floor. "Or cleaning that up."

Quin started the clean the mess up, as his patient started to look around. He had taken the liberty of making sure the doors would not respond to her comments. He looked over to his unwanted guest, letting his eyes linger on the Romulan a bit longer than he probably should have. "Tell me something Liha, are you always this personable or do you save this just for me," he asked?

"Oh, hlai'hwy," Liha threw him a teasing grin. "Do you really think you're that special?"

"You got someone better to talk too," he looked around the room, "unless you'd like to commune with her," he pointed to Cassie who was inspecting a panel on the wall a little too carefully.

"I have this new biobed to commune with," Liha said, jerking her thumb at it. She looked at Cassie, who by all appearances might be seeing some psychedelic rainbow kaleidoscope in a wall panel. "Though she might be more interesting. What are you watching there?"

Quin looked over to his patient, giving up for now on the Romulan. "Anything would be more interesting," he replied walking over to Cassie with his tricorder, "you ok," he asked.

"I am just thinking." Cassie smiled at the pair as she rolled over and took a deep breath. She would have told them for a moment she was in 2244 with her shoulder in the same position but she had much nicer medics. "Your friend Burnie. He is nice, he had been trying to cheer me up and I have a rotten friend." She mused.

Liha's jaw dropped, just little. "You think Burnie's ...nice." She blinked and recovered her composure. Burnie actually was a loyal friend, and soft-hearted, in his way. It's just that his way tended to be odd even for a human. "This cheering up, did it involve shooting things or blowing them up?"

"Not in the slightest. Well, not from his side... I nearly blew up my lab." The woman burst into laughter at the memory of him coming in to save her when she was drunk and hating the universe more than usual. "He has been pretty sweet just like Ryder."

"Nearly blew up your lab..." The phrase 'you were made for each other' crossed Liha's mind, but the reference to Ryder reminded her that those two seemed more like a couple. Which was a good thing - the whole universe would be safer without Burnie pairing up with another explosive loving pyro. She looked at the Doctor. "Maybe it would be best for everyone if you put her in restraints."

Quin looked at her, "she's already stuck in the medbay," he replied, "if needed I will use some forcefields and keep her more confined. I'd rather not use restrains, tends to be medically frowned upon. She's not a danger to herself or others," he looked over to Cassie, then to Liha, "yet!". He walked over to the replicator, "time to get some black coffee and wait this one out."

"I did not mean to." Cassie assured. "It was just after Johnathen left. I got a bit drunk." She closed her eyes taking in a few deep breaths trying to stop the room spinning. "I do not need restraints." She told them a wicked idea forming in her eyes.

Quin turned to Liha, "perhaps you are correct," he commented, getting it out of the way. "restraints might be a needed thing," he was ready to rebuff her responses. He was ready for the attitude and typical Romulan insults. Quin hated being wrong, but hated it more when Liha was around. She never let him forget it.

"Wow, admitting I'm right." Liha smirked. "Are you feeling okay, Doc? Or did you brush the hypo on your hand and get a hit of some of the stuff you gave her?"

Quin shrugged, "call it a moment of mental weakness," he turned.

As the pair argued Cassie rolled her eyes and simply walked away from the pair without them noticing. She needed somewhere nice and quiet to sleep the medication and nausea off and that place was simply not it.

Quin turned to Cassie, as he was ready to take a bit more of a direct approach to her care, but he paused. "Cassie," he called out? He knew he had locked the doors. "Miss Anderson," he walked over to his office. "Oh crap," he muttered. "It would seem the Engineers didn't do their job with the security lockouts," he sighed. Grabbing a kit, "we need to find her, now."

"Or a certain medic didn't set the lockouts properly." Liha rolled her eyes. "If she ran from you, she may be more sober than I thought, but if she really has Burnie's tendency to torch things when tipsy, yeah," she set her tools aside, "we should find her."

Ka'see 'Cassie' Anderson
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