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Suprise Cargo part 1

Posted on Sun Apr 5th, 2020 @ 3:42pm by Alika Mahone & Chief Armoury Jake Ford & Ka'see 'Cassie' Anderson

Mission: Prospecting
Location: Cargo Hold
Timeline: MD 01 12:00

Cassie stood high up on the container as she looked down at the logistics manager or whatever they kept wanting to be called as they tried to tell her now to search around. "I have to find something before we get much further. I need the supplies for my lab and research." It had been ordered but lost in all the cargo that had been acquired for delivery to New Laurium. "It has to be up here. Really have you looked up here?"

The diminutive Tellarite logistician scowled back up at her. "Everyone needs something. All the time. If it's not up there, clearly you need your eyes checking!" Gorsch's little frame belied quite a booming voice. "I don't have time to catalogue each and every little petrie dish you people order!"

"Well, then I guess you'd want us to go ahead and nose around all your containers and make a giant mess then?" Alika agreed to come along with Cassie in the hopes that she could hasten the process. Tellarites always made life difficult, but also... fun, in a way. "We have to make sure she has her stuff. You wouldn't want us to come back telling you we don't have her supplies, now would you?"

Cassie looked down at the pair and grinned a little at the spunky woman that had agreed to come along. "I am very good at making a mess." The woman commented as she opened another container and frowned, not even close to the science equipment she needed.

"Will you stop just opening every container that looks like it might be 'fun' to open!?" Gorsch howled in annoyance. "There is a delicate system in operation here. Although looking at you both I doubt you understand what 'delicate' even means."

"I might. I've spent enough time on Ferenginar to learn finesse and the delicacy." Alika said, eyes on the next giant crate over, fire in her gaze. "Any luck Cass? I don't want to have to come back. That sounds extremely inefficient."

"Oh, it is extremely inefficient. I will find it otherwise we have nothing to clean the new distillery otherwise. You know how much we all want the booze." It had been a pet project for so long and now with Alika back it would be about time it got back on track.

"Booze? You're disrupting my carefully-constructed system for alcohol?" Gorsch scowled again, raising his arms in exasperation. "Humans..."

"I am not a Human Gorsch. We have been over this quite a few times." Cassie frowned looking down as she nearly lost her footing and gripped the cargo pod hard. "We are not disrupting your carefully-constructed system for alcohol. We are disrupting it to create alcohol among other stuff. Subtle difference."

"My mother taught me that if it talks like a human, looks like a human and smells like a's probably a human." Gorsch sniffed the air for effect, making sure to cringe afterwards. "And this stinks of human stupidity."

Cassie would have normally laughed but just levelled the man with a look before turning back to what she was doing. She knew she did not smell like a human and some of the humans smelled lovely. It was not long until Cassie let out a sound of success and held up a metal piece of equipment. "See I knew it was misfield in the medical equipment we got from Temperance." She said mostly to herself as she turned to climb back down. As she did her footing slipped and she fell into the cargo pods with a sickening crunch below sending some of them onto there sides spilling contents left and right. The world seemed to spin around Cassie and a sharp, throbbing pain took hold of her, so much so that all she wanted to do was vomit and hope the pain would come out with it as she lay there stunned.

"Woah, WOAH!" Alika leapt up from her own search, blowing past the grumpy Gorsch and leaning in to peer into the pods that scattered about. "Holy hell, Cass. I heard that. Hell, I think they heard that on Earth! Are you okay? Please tell me you're awake. You look awake?" She whirled on the Tellarite. "Tell me you have some medical staff on site."

"On-site?" the Tellarite echoed as he waved to the rest of the cargo hold. "What are we, a nightclub? This is a storage room! For storage!" He waved at the prone woman. "When you people work outside of the normal system, this is what happens." Gorsch peered down. "Is she dead?"

Cassie held her arm very tightly to her body as she slowly moved to sit up. "I am not dead just... in... pain." She assured as she looked around at what damage she had done other than to herself. "Ah, guys... I think you might want to call Gregnol." She whispered her eyes locked on a pod that she had tipped over.

"We'll do that in a second." Alika turned her death gaze on the Tellarite. "What kind of show do you run here that you aren't going to give us our stuff and try to kill us like that? Is she dead. She's not, clearly." Her gaze rested on Cassie. "Can you get up or do you want me to get down there?"

Gorsch smarted at the woman's complaints. "My show? You marched in here and started looking through cargo containers without following the carefully agreed procedure." He scowled, looking over at the now split open container. He paused. "What is that and what is it doing in my cargo bay?"

"I can get up." The woman in the middle of the cargo pods explained with only a mild complaint of pain as she winced. Vulcan's were far too stubborn for there own good it seemed. Cassie stood there stiffly hoping no one touched her right then and there. "It's a terraformer." The woman didn't answer the second question as it was obvious that it was part of the cargo.

"You're not moving too far without help till we can get a doctor." Alika's tone was stern, different than that of the woman Cassie came in with. She sifted through the cargo pods to make her approach, but was careful not to topple anything else over and make the whole situation a mess. She seemed less concerned about the terraformer - or the Tellarite she was barking at seconds ago. "We get back to the Rose and we can get the doc to look at you."

"Just get me out of this and I'll get to sickbay myself. You need to get the Captain." Cassie said glancing back at the offending item that had been sequestered inside of soil. "That thing... that thing is banned in the Federation." She whispered just so Alika could hear her.

Alika had a hand on her hip. "We'll call the Gregnol, but I'm not letting you just get to the Sickbay on your own. I'll stay with you, and this cargo." She shot a look toward the Tellarite, eyeing him up and down. There was little chance he had done anything himself, but she didn't know him. She had to be sure. Her next address was at Cassie. "Yeah we need to talk to Boss, but that doesn't mean I'm leaving you behind. I don't know if I trust just leaving it sitting here either."

"I am certain I can get to Sickbay," Cassie said simply before she repeated what she needed to do. There was no time to delay and just arguing was getting them nowhere. "I just need help standing up and getting out of this cargo bay." She slowly stood to her feet letting out only a moan of pain but it was easy to see she was pretty much yellow from pain.

"Mmmno." Alika shook her head. "And I'm not asking. This is an order." An order she had no authority to give, but she gave it anyways. Luckily, she remembered there was a console in the cargo bay that she could use. Hopefully Reuben was still on the ship. She eyed Cassie. "You stay there." Then to Gorsch. "And you don't move or touch anything - I don't care what procedures are involved."

"Well I was going to try to help her stand up, but okay." Gorsch shrugged and stepped back with his hands raised.

"Just stop it," Cassie commented to the pair as she stood properly and used her good arm to balance herself enough. "We have bigger issues right now." She added breathing through her nose trying to calm down but even her Vulcan meditation was failing her.

Alika had already approached the console, pressing it's giant 'call people' button to alert... just about everyone. "Heeeey Cap? Cap, if you're there... or if you're not that's fine. We need you in cargo bay. Maybe bring a couple extra techy-types with ya too, and a medic. Bring a medic. Hell, bring the medic first and I'll go get the techy types."

"Alika?" Gregnol asked sounding like he was half asleep. "I am on my way but there is no one in sickbay at the moment." It was the only issue with having not many people onboard. "If the person can walk get them to sickbay I will find Quin." Gregnol had no idea what was going on but it did not sound good at all.

"See... I will just walk. You can deal with Reuben." Cassie said much rather having that happen that say there in pain. She just wanted to find a doctor before she threw up from the pain.

"Yeesh fine, whatever." Alika was not pleased with this. Not with what little she knew about medical expertise. "But we should put another couple medics or something. Just get down here."

Cassie would have shrugged if her shoulder did not hurt so much. She would not be climbing anything for ahwile. She would be leaving the climbing to Eden. "I will go then."

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Ka'see 'Cassie' Anderson
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