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Welcome to New Laurium

Posted on Wed Mar 18th, 2020 @ 11:27am by Captain Rueben Gregnol & Dixoho Saa & Executive Officer Valiyi Uhin & Fordyce Kirschler PhD & Chief Engineer Michael Burnstein & Chief Scientist Jinx Jorasco & Chief Helmsman Eden Bowers & Chief Armoury Jake Ford

Mission: Prospecting
Location: SS Mary Rose - Bridge
Timeline: MD01 10:00

SS Mary Rose was in orbit above the colony world that its cargo hold was full to bursting with. Gregnol could not contain his excitement really as he looked at a world he had only heard about.

“Welcome to New Laurium. It is a hundred-year-old established colony that was formed by Aradana and the Federation with the idea of becoming self-sufficient and creating a profit for the civilians.“ The planet which was named after a mine from Earth, was an iron planet in a huge solar system filled with sixteen other planets, but not one other held a colony or anything that held life.

“It has done that in less than fifty years, allowing the planet, despite its remote location and violent weather, to pull major corporations’ attention, as it has a place to stay, grow food, and have a water source for their miners. It is a viable option with a large source of safe mining.” It would be odd to get used to for the next few days, with a single day lasting thirty-one hours and a year lasting one hundred ninety-three days, Gregnol thought to himself as he watched the orange coloured planet on the view screen. The planet was made up of seven continents, which make up seventy-eight percent of the planet's landmass. Three moons orbited the planet, and New Laurium itself orbited a red sun in a slightly elliptic orbit.

“So what makes it so special?” Dixoho wondered, trying to think if her parents had delivered there.

“It was expected a hundred fifty years ago, conditions as extreme as they were, the chances of sustaining life on this planet were virtually non-existent. Even if the planet had calmed down after millions of years, it would probably still take terraforming to introduce any form of life, but it was discovered what was beneath the surface.” He could go on with facts, but it seemed he had bored enough people already.

"A deep appreciation," Eden sort of joked. You could never really tell with her. She was trying to see the good over the bad, but to her, it looked like something someone should have taken back to the replicator.

"That was really low," Burnie said, groaning at the pun. "But seriously, what they've accomplished here is an impressive feat of engineering. I'm looking forward to seeing it."

Gregnol just rolled his eyes. No one could get him down about this planet. The payout from this should cover the issues with the loss of Temperance and then some.

"I am sure they have a tour or something with these corporations that are around," Dixoho mused distractedly.

"Why pay for a tour when ol' Gregnol over here's runnin' the tourism board?" replied Ford, already grinning over his good-natured ribbing of the captain.

"I guess that means we need a tour guide. I know nothing about this planet, but I volunteer. If we get lost it will likely be an adventure we'll never forget," Eden said dreamily, thinking about all the things that could go wrong and how many stories and variations she could come up with from that.

"But we also have a minor past with the Ardanans," Valiyi pointed out. "I believe we are on the outs with some form of government, though the colony as a whole should be very much okay with us arriving. Especially if I ply the right officials with the right presents."

"We were also the only people crazy enough to come out this far. That should work in our favour," Dixoho piped up from where she was checking the charts.

Jinx sat on her high seat at the science station, surveying the incoming scans of the planet. “So what are they mining down there?” she asked. “What’s so valuable? Dilithium?”

"It's a secret," Gregnol admitted. It was suspected in most circles that it held dilithium and a quantity of zenite big enough to encourage the Ardanans to be involved enough to create something so far from Ardana.

"'Secret' is a dangerous substance," said Ford, sounding a little somber. "Plenty of folk been killed over it."

“Well, now I’m just going to have to poke around!” Jinx said with a grin. “You would think it would show up on a planetary scan.” Her little fingers tapped the LCARS to pull up the planet’s information. “Residual particles or emissions in the atmosphere, at least.”

"Corporations have the technology down there to protect their secrets," Dixoho said, as if it was obvious as to why nothing was scanning.

Valiyi's arms folded against her chest, a frown forming. "Or it could simply be why it's so valuable. A secretive material that cannot be picked up on scanner and can be utilized for various purposes? I know quite a few government's who would want to get their hands on such dangerous substances."

"Or there's something proprietary about the extraction methods or some other tech they're using." Burnie shrugged. He worked for a defense contractor before entering Starfleet, and they'd mark nearly everything as company proprietary (not without good reason: someone had once taken a stylus and worked out system access from recreating its interaction with a padd). "My main concern is whether they have facilities to replace some of the big components for the evacuation corridor. So how about we talk to them and try to not come off as more suspicious than my Romulan friend?"

"Quite possibly, but possibly leave your Romulan friend at home." Gregnol had taken this cargo not just on the basis of the payout, but the facilities that it might also have was high on his priority list. "Make it your priority, Michael. Lets try and get some stuff back to normal," he encouraged, as the communication console finally lit up to signify that they could indeed dock.

"I've got the list and technical specs right here," Burnie replied, patting his wrist mini-padd. He was looking forward to setting the old girl to rights.

Eden eased the bucket of bolts to a stop and heard the satisfying thunk of docking clamps engage. She turned to the others as if to find out what was happening first and who she got to tag along with.

"Um, Captain... they seem to be hailing us," the man at the communication array spoke up making Gregnol indicate it could be put up on the main screen. A young man appeared on the screen. Chestnut, straight hair tight in a ponytail revealed a fresh, cheerful face. Sparkling amber eyes, set tightly within their sockets, watched in excitement as the bridge was revealed.

"Captain Gregnol, I could not have believed it was you and the SS Mary Rose." The appearance of Liem Yoniad stunned Gregnol for a moment and made him glanced to Uhin.

"Well, I am afraid, Liem, you have me at a disadvantage. I did not know you were here." It was not an unwelcome surprise; it was nice to see that the man had landed on his feet after his wedding was cancelled. "It is good to see you."

"Yes, we will have to catch up. It is good to see you and ... Ms. Uhin again in hopefully better circumstances," Liem said, spotting Uhin standing not far away. "I will see you soon." The connection was cut on the bridge. It was a long moment before Gregnol looked at Valiyi. "What are the odds?" he wondered.

Valiyi's brow rose. "Considering the size of the planet and the number of people upon it? Infinitesimally small. I'll have to see what he's been up to. Clearly he is far from the home planet."

Burnie raised an eyebrow. "Okay, I'm fairly new here, so maybe I'm the only one who doesn't know the history with him, but before I go down there I feel I like should. What's the story?"

Jinx looked up as well, intrigued. “Yeah, same here,” she piped in. “Seemed friendly enough. There any special rules we need to look out for here?”

"Never been here myself, but an old Captain I once rode with said this place was a great stop-off place for cargo haulers. Friendly folks, good ale - there's a home-made distillery built in one of the old mining shafts that produces some of the finest moonshine this side of Sauria," Jake offered. "Seems like they're nicely placed to avoid any trouble, too. I'd say it'll be a nice change of pace from spooky old starship wrecks."

Gregnol smiled at Jake before looking back at Burnie. "That was Liem Yoniad. He is a former miner. He was being transported back to Aradana in about two years ago for his wedding to try and start the process of reuniting the two castes on his homeworld as despite 150 years of work they are still separate for the most. His Finacee blew up the cargo bay on Deck Seven why we now have a crew bar there."

Burnie gave a low whistle at that news. "Not exactly Romeo and Juliet there. But I guess if she's not down there. it should be okay."


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