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Ishimura Or SS Mary Rose Part 1

Posted on Wed Sep 27th, 2023 @ 7:41pm by Executive Officer Jake Ford & Captain Rueben Gregnol & Chief Helmsman Kalahaeia t'Leiya & Beya & Evelyn Reynolds & Liha t'Ehhelih & Captain Sebastian Deauvuex (*)

Mission: Fractures
Location: SS Mary Rose - 2243
Timeline: Variant Time Line - Past
2036 words - 4.1 OF Standard Post Measure

Gregnol slammed onto the cold, metallic floor, his world shrouded in blinding white light. For a disorienting moment, he felt as if he were suspended in a liminal space between reality and a dream. When his senses gradually returned, he found himself sprawled on a bridge that bore a sense of familiarity and foreignness that he could not explain. Blinking rapidly to clear the lingering afterglow from his vision, he squinted at the unfamiliar ceiling above.

Winded and dazed, he struggled to sit up, his gaze immediately drawn to the chaos unfolding around him. It was a scene of disarray, his own crew, disoriented and bewildered, were being forcibly lifted by individuals in blue uniforms, while others pointed phasers with an air of stern authority. The faces of his l crew mirrored his own confusion and disorientation.

In the midst of the chaos, a voice with a distinct French accent cut through the chaos. "Can you get to your feet?" it demanded, its tone brooking no nonsense. He had no idea what was happening with all these people appearing out of nowhere.

Gregnol's head was spinning as he tried to make sense of the situation. He struggled to his feet, swaying slightly, and managed to stammer out his bewilderment. "What... What happened?" he asked, his voice trembling with a mixture of fear and uncertainty. The shift from battling the Temperance to this baffling scenario had left him with more questions than answers.

"Do. Not. Touch Me." Kali snapped at the unknown figures grabbing at them or with weapons drawn, and her voice was flat and clipped in a deadly-serious way; back to the wall both to help her stay on her feet (she probably accomplished even that much only because like most pilots she was decent at fighting through any sort of spatial disorientation or vertigo) but also because it had given her the tiny distance she needed to avoid the hands that had otherwise grabbed for her. Whatever this was, it seemed like they were outnumbered; so she firmly squelched the urge she had to strike out or go for a weapon; hopefully there would be a better opening later, if it came to that; her job would be to watch for one. Instead, she raised her hands slowly to an outward signal of cooperation given the weapons aimed at them all, hoping such a move might keep...whoever these people balance enough in to not think of searching her too thoroughly yet.

"Easy," Jake grunted, rubbing his own head and putting an arm out to settle Kali's frayed last nerve. "" He frowned as he looked around the bridge. It was their bridge, but at the same time it wasn't their bridge. It was crewed by a whole different group of unfamiliar people. In Starfleet uniforms, of a kind.

"I can stand." Gregnol slowly stood and looked at the man who had offered a hand. He looked familiar but Gregnol could not place him at all. He blinked a few times getting rid of the white orbs finally.

"Not to point out the obvious, but several minutes ago, we were not on the Bridge."

The voice from back, close to the turbolift, held reservation and mistrust but also carried with the intent of drawing attention from every eye in the room. Evelyn, not one to typically enjoy being visibly harried, allowed her gaze to flit between the mixture of familiar and unrecognisable faces and seemed arguably without reassurance despite her proximity to an Orion she knew from experience to be an outstanding ally in a fight. The thud of her heart in her chest very nearly drowned out the perception of metal dragging across metal, the sudden flare of an all-too-vivid recollection. In such moments, she was reminded just how many times her sanity had actually been on the line in recent times.

"So where the hell are we now?"

"I was on my way to engineering..." Beya said, eyes darting around the strangely familiar yet unfamiliar surroundings. but then snapping to Liha, crouching next to a seemingly unconscious Burnie, though her posture had shifted from concern for a downed man to something more protective - and protective with a distinct dangerous undercurrent given the way a hand had moved to where Beya was sure the engineer kept at least one concealed knife (Since Beya had one concealed in roughly the same place).

Gregnol looked around taking in everyone that was there - Jake, Kalahaeia, Evelyn, Beya, Liha and... Burnie lying on the floor. Gregnol looked at the man and rushed over to the man on the floor still surrounded by what he recognised as blue-clad Starfleet Officers.

"USS Ishimura." The man who had offered help to Gregnol spoke up as several people lowered weapons at his indication.

"What year?" Gregnol demanded moving to Burnie crouching down next to him. "You are Sebastian Deauvuex."

"What do you mean what year?" Sebastian demanded not confirming that he was indeed the person who he had been asked about.

Jake groaned. "Time travel? Really?" he signed, rubbing his head. "I hate time travel."

Separated from the rest of those known to her but unwilling to move to correct the matter, Evelyn's gaze swung back and forth between the unfamiliar captain and the man she'd known long enough to trust more than her own perception at that point. It wasn't either that eventually got her to move, however, to push past the impending panic attack and fixate on something that would stop her from questioning how much of this was just the disintegration of her own mind. Moving warily, she crossed to join Gregnol by Burnie's side and then glanced up at the senior officer looming over them. "I need to get him to Sickbay."

"Yes," Beya seconded, taking a quick reading with her medscanner.

"I am going with him." It was stated with a firm flat determination, but nearly devoid of emotion. If this was the past, Liha knew that being ID'ed as Romulan might be ...problematic. Also, even with Reynolds and Beya there, she wasn't trusting her friend to last century's medicine.

Liha and Beya were probably more than enough to protect Burnie, and it seemed a bad plan to put all the covertly-armed people in one spot if they ended up splitting up, so Kali silently took up a guard spot of her own nearer to Gregnol, forcing more of a neutral vibe onto her expression, similar thoughts to Liha's about the bad possibilities of being accurately assessed species-wise going through her head: The most common assessment anyone from this far in the past for those uniforms might make given her earlier behavior would be to assume she was a Vulcan/Human hybrid, but to sell that she'd have to seem at least somewhat more reserved than her usual from now on.

“You are all going to sickbay.” The Captain of the vessel assured in a no nonsense tone. “Can someone get McAvoy here to figure out what is going on.”

The name sparked something in Gregnol’s brain and he disagreed quickly. “No!” Gregnol stated loudly making a lot of people look at him.

“I am the one who does the ordering around here mister…” Sebastian started expecting Gregnol to fill in the gaps.

“Gregnol…” Reuben introduced himself. “Are you Sebastian Deauvuex?” He demanded back.

“Yes. So why are you ordering me to not take these people to sickbay?” The Ishimura’s Captain wondered trying to work out what was going on with these people.

“It is the person you have asked to meet us there.” Gregnol said looking at the man pointedly, it took a moment but the Captain understood.

“Temporal Prime Directive.” Deauvuex finally said aloud saying so string he had only heard rumours about. He did not at all sound happy by being made to back down on an order.

“Temporal Prime Directive.” Gregnol agreed back glancing to Jake and nodded- there was at least an understanding now with the Captain.

“They go to sickbay and anyone other than Ensign McAvoy checks them over for other none medical things.” Deauvuex said and heard several yes Sirs that people understood.

OK, so much for pretending to be any sort of hybrid, Kali thought with a couple of equally-silent curse words appended at the 'everyone is going' pronouncement. The momentary surge of panic subsided - mostly - a split-second later with a reminder to herself that anywhere in history the uniforms she saw were in use still, the medscanners almost certainly weren't advanced enough - or with nearly enough samples in the database - to be able to tell her apart from a Vulcan. If anyone asked about the attitude, if she couldn't claim to be a hybrid, she'd just have to make something else up instead. 'I was raised by humans' would probably work.

As the group shifted towards the turbo lift to be separated to go inside with security officers Gregnol looked at everyone looking at him expectantly for an explanation. “Anderson.” He did not like using her married name when she had specifically asked for it not to be used he had no other way of alerting the others without alerting the crew around them. Anderson was a common enough human name in the universe that he hoped it would not spark anything. They had no idea yet if their actions caused future issues let alone how they were going to get back.

"Ca-" Jake almost said the name out loud, then sharply realised that he shouldn't. The pieces started to fall together in his head. That meant that this was the Ishimura, and the Captain of this ship was...Sebastian. Well, that made things interesting, for sure. "-ptain..." He finished the word, noting that there were probably a few eyes looking at him expectantly. "I think we should all remain quiet until we know what's going on."

It took no expert to read from Evelyn's posture an inherent distaste for being rendered ineffectual but, as much as her professional instinct urged her to maintain control over Burnie's care, a more personal sense of self-preservation was cautioning her to avoid provocation. She had settled, instead, for fixing those taking responsibility for the man's transportation with the kind of scrutiny that would have evoked a sense of Jewish pride had the engineer been awake to appreciate the gesture, at least if stereotypes were any gauge.

"The gurney is going first with whoever wants to go with him." The Security Officer said firmly from behind the group.

Since all seeming reluctant would probably do is draw unfortunate attention to her, Kali took up a position following the gurney, as much as she hated letting the unknown security type be armed at her back.

"Just try to stop me," Liha near growled, taking a place beside the gurney and saw Beya give a firm nod in exchange. The Orion had had no illusions about being able to pass as anything but what she was, but she knew some few of her people had joined Starfleet back in the day. She'd been prepared to play 'slave girl' if necessary, but with whatever understanding had passed between Gregnol and the Captain, it seemed that might not be necessary. What did seem necessary was staying with her patient.

Swapping a look first with Ford and then Gregnol, Evelyn swallowed her mistrust and reached out to squeeze Beya's elbow in reassurance as she took the last space beside their unconscious friend. "I will require full access to available scanners, " she declared as the doors closed, sending the engineer off under the protection of three immovable forces.

"Not sure who I feel more sorry for them or us?" Gregnol whispered to Ford as the door closed and all the women left them alone on the Bridge with the Captain and Bridge crew staring at them both intently as they waited for the next turbo lift.

"Us. We're on their ship now from the looks of it," Jake replied quietly. "Let's hope we can get back to our own time sooner rather than later."


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