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Ladies Night Part 1

Posted on Sun Nov 3rd, 2019 @ 9:49am by Ka'see 'Cassie' Anderson & Dodian Carli & Tasha Belikov & Chief Helmsman Eden Bowers & Liha t'Ehhelih & Alika Mahone & Perrie Fisher

Mission: Mission 10 - Temperance
Location: Recreation Deck
Timeline: MD08 20:00

The Recreation Deck of the Rosie was big enough to accommodate just about any party size, from small to extraordinary. As venues went, it was reasonably well-equipped if a little old-fashioned, Perrie figured. Then again, tonight wasn't about performing. It was about having fun with the girls - at least, some girls she barely knew. She'd half-tasked Eden with coming up with an invite list while she herself sorted out the where and when.

Dressed in a classy black number, and with her makeup done, she spent the last hour making sure her hair was just right, ready for the rest of the girls to show.

Eden stepped inside and smiled when she saw Perrie. "Hi there. SO I invited a bunch of the crew, at least anyone who wasn't busy and who was female. To tell you the truth I'm really only friends with Cassie and I've met with Tasha before for a meal but I don't often get close to people. I think people think I'm odd, at least I've always assumed since they don't to take to me easily. Am I rambling?"

"Not at all! You're just happy and excited like me!" Perrie grinned. She looked up as someone else arrived.

Jeassaho walked into the recreation deck to grab a beer before heading to bed but stopped when she saw that it had decorations up that were normally used for a party and there were food and booze laid out. Had she missed a memo or something?

"Come on in," Perrie called over. "Party hasn't started yet. Get you both a drink?"

"I did not know there was a party?" Jeassaho admitted looking around still unsure. She was dressed in a blue boiler suit that was dusty.

"Oh, it's nothing formal. Don't worry, we've got lots of drinks, and food, and we're going to have karaoke later!" Perrie grinned, grasping her by the hand and pulling her towards their table. "I'm Perrie, by the way. Do you work here?"

Jeassaho offered as she was pulled into the room more. "I do. I am an Engineer." The woman said snagging a beer as she was pulled in. "Jeassaho." She added introducing herself properly.

"Great! Great! Is it all right if I call you Jess?" Perrie asked, a big grin on her face. "Let me grab you a drink. C'mon, Eden and I don't want to be the only ones relaxing!"

"Jea works for me. A drink sounds good." The Captain's wife commented on grinning. Most people tried to shorten it to something more human but it was annoying even Gregnol with his thick accent managed to get it right.

Eden found a spot and sat down, watching the conversations. She was never much for parties, always a wall flower. She preferred conversations one on one with people, it was how she got to know them.

"Oi! Who's having a party without me?" Standing at the door, dressed in a pair of nice slacks and a brightly-colored blouse, hands on her hips, was Alika Mahone. "Y'all glad I heard about this or this appearance would have been an actual party bombing."

"You can do this, you can do this," Tasha muttered to herself as she moved towards the rec deck. She took a deep breath as she rounded a corner. Her eyes went wide when the doors opened as she saw the other women gathered there. I can't do this, She thought as she went to turn around but didn't.

"Nope. You aren't running off." Cassie said putting her arm through Tasha's dragging her pretty much into the room. If Cassie was doing it in the midst of divorce this woman could come along for a few minutes. It was only fair, maybe they could both get some fun back in their lives.

Liha slipped quietly through the door. In her fighter pilot days she might have made an entrance more like Mahone's, but here, in a new place and among aliens, she reverted to the caution her mother had long ago tried to instill. Truthfully, she wasn't sure about this Ladies' Night idea and had considered 'forgetting' the invitation. Until Burnie suggested she was being 'chicken'. He'd said it jokingly - which is why she hadn't punched him - but still... Besides, it would be a good opportunity to study her new crewmates. Humans tended to avoid Romulans, so if she just got a drink and stood off to the side, she should be able to simply observe.

"Come on in girls!" Perrie called to the newer arrivals. She didn't really know anyone, so pretty-much any female present was fair-game now. Besides, it was good to bring people together. "We've got drinks, we've got music, and most importantly, no boys to slow us down! So turn those frowns upside-down and let's have some fun!"

Maybe this had been a bad idea. Perry was nice and all but Eden stood out best when she was with one or two people, not an entire group of women. She wasn't sure what to say or what to do. It was making her nervous. "Anyone want to play a game?" She said, her voice sounding a bit higher than normal.

"What sort of game?" Liha asked cautiously. She had intended to fade back and observe, but a game might be preferable to a raucous party, especially as the human music typically involved in such usually hurt her ears. Of course, 'game' was a broad category, so she didn't want to agree to anything without more information.

"I don't know, maybe something like 20 questions or charades? Might be fun to get to know one another that way." And if people were asking her questions she was bound to answer them rather than come up with her own topic of conversation Eden thought.

"Great idea!" Perrie grinned. "Okay then, three hottest guys on board. Go!" Perrie grinned.

Eden chuckled nervously at Perrie's outgoing personality. She generally didn't think about men that way, she was more attracted to personality than looks. There was something about Jake, just as their had been Sebastian. It was probably that they both had suddenly started looking at her differently and she took notice.

Jeassaho grinned as she drank out the bottle when no one spoke up. "Gregnol... obviously, the cute security guy from your time Cass and that new doctor." The woman called out breaking the ice.

"Boys are weird." Alika said with a shrug. "And what's 'hot' really? Boss Man's too 'hot-headed.' Bias or not. Too old too." She let out a huff, flopping herself down with the others. "And I dunno who half the newbies are. There was one that sounded pretty nice, but I couldn't get his name. Or I did and I forgot it."

Liha hoped the woman didn't mean Burnie - that, in her opinion, would indicate a serious lack of discernment. Then again, finding anyone of them attractive would have to involve a real level of desperation. "I'll agree with weird," she remarked. "But I can't say any of them would qualify as 'hot', or even worth noticing."

"Well, I think Gregnol is perfect." Jeassaho just said with a grin as she sunk back into her seat with her bottle of beer. Little team bonding seemed like it would go a long way with the women on board even if they did not think her husband was cute. "What about you guys... Eden... Miss Fisher anyone attracted your attention?"

Eden nearly jumped, having been addressed personally. "I have a new boyfriend," she said quietly, nearly blushing from all of their gazes.


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