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Ladies Night Part 2

Posted on Sun Nov 3rd, 2019 @ 9:49am by Jeassaho Kea & Dixoho Saa & Chief Helmsman Eden Bowers & Liha t'Ehhelih & Alika Mahone & Perrie Fisher

Mission: Mission 10 - Temperance
Location: Recreation Deck
Timeline: MD08 20:00

The silence that hit the recreation deck was imposing for a few seconds. "I knew it!" Perrie shrieked, bulldozing poor Eden with a hug. "I knew you two were a sweet couple when I saw you together. So, how serious is it? C'mon, I want all the gossip."

"Whoa," Dixoho said smiling as Eden nearly fell into her from the force of the hug and the huge glass of wine she had in her hands. "Poor woman." She added taking a sip quickly from her glass so the wine did not spill out.

'I don't know, were just sort of figuring things out. It's new, you know? We did sort of kiss the other day though. And I let him sleep in my quarters." Why was she telling them all this? Her face was even redder.

Alika quirked her brow. This was starting to sound more and more like a school time thing. Guess people really didn't change over those few years. That didn't mean she wasn't at least mildly curious. "... I mean, you liked it all, right?"

"I assume she would have tossed him out of the room if she didn't," Liha remarked. Hooking up on a ship was fairly normal in the Galae - even in some cases encouraged as it helped to decide on who would be a preferable match once one reached the appropriate age to choose a mate. Of course, some teasing did occur when the assignations weren't handled discretely, but since this had been openly admitted by one of the parties involved, the embarrassment had to be due to something else.

"Nothing happened, " Eden laughed nervously. "We just talked, and I let him sleep there since it was sort of my fault that his quarters caught fire. I figured it was the least I could do."

"Oh, sweetie, that's so cute!" Perrie gushed, tugging on Eden's arm as though it would encourage her. "And weirdly romantic, I guess."

Eden looked at her surprised by the gesture. "Thank you, I think."

Liha just dropped her head. To think that setting fire to someone's quarters was at all 'cute' you'd have to be really off. Or maybe Burnie, though even he might have some limits there. "If he found torching his quarters endearing, I suggest you check his psych profile before becoming closer."

"Oh I don't think he thought it was cute. I mean it was an accident in the first place, I'm just glad he wasn't mad about it. But it was sweet because he was more worried about me and my cut hand than he was his burnt quarters." Eden replied. "But aren't we supposed to be playing a game?"

Jeassaho said nothing over her beer but she was not surprised the quarters had an illegal replicator. It was why the thing had caught on fire. "Yes, we are so what are we going to play?" She wondered trying to think back to the games she had used to playback on Betazed or at the Academy.

"What length of blades do you prefer for throwing knives?" Liha asked, warming to the idea of a game like she used to play with her Galae shipmates. "Since it's just us women, we can use pictures of the guys we'd like to hit as targets."

Perrie stared at the woman, still not having fully worked-out that she wasn't in fact a Vulcan as she'd initially assumed. "I mean...that's one way to go about it..." she looked at the others for help.

"I don't think handing me a knife would be a good thing." Eden decided. "Are you involved with anyone Liha?" She was going to assume a big NO, but it felt polite to ask. Besides, if not then maybe Eden could find her someone to make her relax a little bit.

Liha had been considering to offer showing her how to throw a knife since it was a useful skill - one she was continually surprised that humans were not taught at the same age as learning to handle phasers - but lost the line of thought at the follow-on question. "Involved?" One eyebrow arched almost to her hairline. "I'm only 41 and I don't come from the sort of noble family that arranges betrothments early on."

Jeassaho glanced at the Romulan and opened her mouth a few times to think on how to phrase the burning question she had and to stop any embarrassment that could be caused. “So, what is the usual age to get married and settle down then?” She asked finally when no one else had asked it yet most likely had been thinking it themselves.

"Typically not until 50, though after Hobus the desire to repopulate has driven it down to 45 in some places," she admitted. "But only for those in a position to have help from an extended family or group to raise their children."

"Interesting." Was all the Betazoid said taking a big gulp of her beer looking at the woman carefully. It certainly was different from her species as well as human. All the differences made Jeassaho glad that she had ventured out into the universe even if she missed Starfleet.

"Oh wait hold on." Alika backpedaled on the conversation, trying real hard to actually socialize instead of being completely disinterested with conversation of romantic endeavors. "Did you say throwing knives?" She leaned in, chin rested in her hand and elbow on the table as she leaned over to Liha. "What kind of knives do you like to use for that sort of thing?"

"Yes." Liha smiled, instantly brightening at the prospect of returning to the subject of a real game. "Typically I prefer something the size of a personal knife, since that's what I'm most comfortable throwing." She slipped her knife far enough out of the sheath concealed in her tunic to display the slim palm-length blade. "But a fun variation on the game is to gather a range of sizes and see who can hit most accurately with all of them."

"I don't think we have anywhere like that around here." Dixoho piped up properly joining the group carrying a heavy-looking liquid in an old fashioned bottle. "Has anyone else ever threw a knife before?" She asked looking around at the rest of the group.

Eden shook her head. However, given that everything seemed to happen to her, she wasn't about to start tonight. "Could always pin up pictures of ex-boyfriends or something if some of you wanted to try it though."

"Now we are talking," Cassie spoke up. Her eyes lit up for a moment before she grinned devilishly. "I do not have any photos other than holo ones but I draw something. Well, that is if we can set something up." She added thoughtfully looking at Alika and Liha expectantly.

Liha grinned. "Excellent. All we need are some boards or stiff foam for target backing." She looked around. "Could probably prop up some tables... do you have dart boards? Those work pretty well too, though it's a small target for beginners."

"Leave it with me," Jeassaho announced standing up, a plan forming in her mind. "Dixoho... come help please." The woman asked downing the rest of her bottle of beer before she climbed out from the small group. "15 minutes." She added as she ran out of the door with the Navigator in tow.


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